Travel technology.

Cadillac’s Robocar is Coming Soon and It’s Watching You

Cadillac robocar eye scanner

Cadillac just announced they will be introducing new technology in the pursuit of practical autonomous driving. Robocars are well on their way to ubiquity but they are coming to us in bits and pieces. Car makers have already introduced a number of these components such as automatic stopping, lane swerving warnings, and systems to maintain a safe…

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Smart Cruising with Ocean Medallion – Sweepstakes to Win Free Cruise

ocean medallion

Princess will usher in a new generation of sailing when they introduce Ocean Medallion this fall.  The so-called “smart cruising” experience will debut on Regal Princess in November.  It will allow passengers to ditch the traditional key card and accompanying tacky lanyard for a personalized high-tech vacation. Ocean (or O-C-E-A-N) stands for “One Cruise Experience Access Network“.  Princess…

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Onboard Calls Won’t Fly

In 2013, the FCC announced it was considering a proposal to allow fliers to make onboard calls while airborne on domestic flights. They requested input from airline pilots, flight attendants, carriers, and passengers. Not surprisingly, the opinions were overwhelmingly against the measure. Yesterday, the FCC chairman announced a halt to the proposal which would have allowed cell…

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