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Would You Take a Surprise Trip? Win One for You and a Friend

road warriors weigh in

I am kind of obsessed with the concept behind Pack Up + Go, the surprise trip company. Yes… surprise trip. As in show up at the airport and “guess what? we’re going to Denver this weekend!” kind of surprise trip. It just seems fun.  And I’ve always wanted to do this.  But when you are…

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Eight Reasons To Embrace Traveling Alone

I’m wrapping up a quick solo birthday trip to Paris, the continuation of my annual tradition of traveling to celebrate my birthday.  While this was once a trip I tried to recruit others to join, I have more recently embraced the idea of traveling along to celebrate the milestone. When I mention to many who I…

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(Almost) Free Weekends For the Taking

There are hundreds of websites touting free travel tips, most of which revolve around credit card tricks (sign up bonuses, manufactured spending, or the like) or redeeming points/miles for trips.  But if you already travel for business, there are often many opportunities out there for free weekends. My favorite way to get free weekends is…

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TBT – A Retro Cathay First Trip Report (April 2002)

In honor of my vacation starting tonight, I thought it would be fun to post a really retro trip report from Cathay First Class from April 2002 – it was my first US-HKG longhaul in first class (I had previously flown both business and coach on the transpacific routes). The original… This was originally posted…

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