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How I Lost Miles – Thousands of Them – Through My Own Carelessness

lost miles

I just made a startling discovery.  Over the past two years, I lost miles – thousands of them, actually! While I cannot calculate the exact value of the lost miles, I estimate it to be at least the equivalent of a domestic round-trip ticket.  At minimum.  And maybe more – big ouch! Hopefully you can learn from my…

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Should You Just Skip the First Class Lounge?

There is nothing more controversial than suggesting that someone should just skip the first class lounge, especially after they have worked so hard to get there.  As a featured site on BoardingArea this week, we are sharing some of our “best of” posts with you. There are a few posts in our history that really struck a nerve.  For…

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The A380 Isn’t Big Enough…Yet


As if the A380 seating layout wasn’t enough for some carriers, Airbus announced they were reconfiguring the plane’s layout to accommodate up to 80 additional seats. The modifications are in response to sales of the superjumbo aircraft which have been far slower than expected. “We are adapting the aircraft to meet evolving market needs,” said…

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