Nine Products to Beat the Heat This Summer

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We’ve barely turned the calendar on July and the heat this summer is in full force.  Yet I already can’t beat the heat here in Texas.

After a lifetime spent in the south, you’d think I would be used to summer by now.  Having Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn’t make it any easier.  And I love vacationing in beach and tropical locales so I often don’t escape it even when I’m away.  Instead I’ve just come up with my own coping strategies for dealing with it.  One of those is having the right products to beat the heat at the ready.

Here are a few of my favorite products to beat the heat this summer – or at least make it bearable!  I do have affiliate relationships with most of these vendors so I may receive a commission or other benefit if you make a purchase.

Popsicle Molds

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Nothing screams summer like popsicles.  These popsicle molds are great whether you are making family friendly treats OR boozy pops.

Ice Cream Maker

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I’ve raved about how much I love our Cuisinart ice cream maker before.  This model is reasonably priced and makes amazing ice cream.

Cooling Towels

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When I’m overheated (or having a hot flash!) nothing works better than one of my cooling towels.  These things are amazing and pack so easily for travel.

Food Delivery and/or Grocery Delivery Service

Let’s face it… firing up the oven on a hot day can be oppressive.  And sometimes even leaving the house with scorching temperatures is too much.

When that is the case, we rely heavily on food delivery services.  We have a few favorites:

  • Caviar has many of our favorite restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth (and other cities too) and you can get a free delivery from our link if you are a first time user.
  • DoorDash has a wide list of restaurants including many national chains and fast food.  You can get a $7 credit with our link as a new customer.
  • We also love Favor in Texas.  Unlike the others where you must select from a list of affiliates, Favor can pick up from anywhere that allows it and can run errands for you (anything but alcohol and illegal substances).  To use it in available areas, download the phone app.  (If you do, our code – JENNM12A – will earn you $5 off your first delivery.
  • And finally, we are absolutely addicted to AmazonFresh.  I love that we can keep a running list of groceries and other household needs, adding to it via our Alexa.  And when we finally are ready to order, we can pick a doorstep delivery that works for us (we love the pre-7 am ones!)

Body Glide

Invalid request error occurred.Nothing puts a damper on summer faster than a chaffing rash.  I long ago discovered that Body Glide is the best way to beat chub rub!


Sunscreen is a must year-round, but especially in the summer.  I love Coola products myself but there are many great brands.  This is a great excuse to use Amazon’s “subscribe and save” feature so that you never run out of your own favorite.

A Great Cardigan

The Ono 2.0 Cardigan Black
Even when I’m overheated, sometimes spaces are too chilly.  I find it necessary to always have a cardigan on me just in case.  One of my year-round favorites is the Ono from MM.LaFleur.  This classic cardigan looks great over everything, travels nicely, and can dress up a sundress on a day when I have an unexpected professional visit.

Family Lounge Pool

Invalid request error occurred.If you, like us, don’t have a swimming pool at home then you might need a place to go cool off.  This family lounge pool fits the bill by providing a cool place to beat the heat.

Pet Pool

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While you are getting a pool for yourself, treat Fido to one too.  This collapsible pool pops up with no effort and is easy to fill.  And when your pup is done splashing, put it away until the next play session.

Here is our own pup Harley Quinn enjoying hers on our back porch.

How hot is it? This hot!!!

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These are just a few things that help us beat the heat.  What are your favorite products to help beat the heat?

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