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Business Travelers Have a Unique Perspective on Flying and Life

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The world looks different from 38,000 feet on a delayed flight late on a Thursday night.  It looks different at 6 am over the first cup of coffee in the hotel lobby while putting the last touches on a PowerPoint deck.  And it looks different on Saturday morning when squeezing in the dry cleaning and grocery run between soccer games and brunch.  This is because business travelers have a unique perspective on flying and life in general.  That unique perspective is what Jetsetter’s Homestead is all about.

About Our Website

The perspective that business travelers have is a key focus for Jetsetter’s Homestead when we joined the BoardingArea family.  BoardingArea serves all corners of the “points and miles” world.  Many find themselves here because through leisure travel or even manufactured spending.  Others may get here through a search for “frequent flyer miles” or a specific airline program.  Or you may have navigated here via another BoardingArea blogger.  In any case, we are excited to meet you!

We primarily focus on travelers who may have more of a split focus – traveling for work or more intentionally for planned events or vacations.  You might be earning those points and miles as a by-product of the travel and spending you are doing for other parts of your life – and NOT the other way around.  We want to help you put those to good use.  For some that might mean aspiring to a luxurious first class suite on an international carrier.  And for others it may simply mean getting your entire family to Europe on time to board a cruise next summer.  A few of you may simply care about maximizing your next three day weekend at home by spending your time and money wisely.

We try not to focus on the same content being covered en masse elsewhere unless we can put a different spin on the topic. So that means you won’t likely see the same headlines, deals, or offers here that others have.  While we never know what others may be writing about, we try to avoid just repeating trite press releases.  We also tend to avoid covering topics we have no interest in (i.e. airlines we have no interest in flying, credit card programs, etc.)  Our time is important to us so if we don’t enjoy writing about it, we assume you won’t enjoy reading it either.

Most of our writing is done early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekend.  This is not our full time job.  We rarely break news and can’t jump out of meetings to share deals.  But we both have spent time in journalism and love a good feature.  Sometimes noodle for weeks on an idea we like.  We love suggestions about interesting topics to cover.  If we’ve barely scratched the surface somewhere, please push us to dig deeper… we love a good investigation!

Typical posts from us might include our perspectives on everything from travel tips to product reviews; destination guides to trip reports.  We write with a demographic aged 35 to 54 in mind.  That’s not to say that our posts are not for you if you are younger or older.  We know there are many travel resources for both millennials and Baby Boomers. This is the niche we know best – Generation X.  (Motto: “we are NOT middle-aged!!!”)

How We  Travel and Live

Our objective is to travel smarter, not harder.  We seek to understand how best to navigate the ins and outs of both business and leisure travel.  We also want to strike a good balance between travel, home, and work.  That means maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  It also means maintaining efficiencies between life at home and life on the road.

We definitely want to make the best use of our points and miles.  That means maximizing our travels.  Enjoying the journey is important but we also want to relax once we have reached our destination.  Our days of doing mileage or mattress runs is fairly far past us.  Now that we have more household and family obligations, we are more focused on balancing business travel with lifestyle.  Working in vacations and long weekend trips is a primary goal.

We both maintain business travel schedules that are not always in sync due to the nature of our work.  At times we may both be on the road.  Other times, one of us may be in heavy road warrior mode while the other holds down the homestead.  And occasionally we have the luxury of both enjoying extended time at home with remote work or local projects.  When possible, we enjoy the opportunity to mix our leisure travel with remote work, thus extending the utility of our time off.

Who We Are

Jennifer started Jetsetter’s Homestead in 2014 after taking a hiatus from the blogsphere.  She previously authored the travel/lifestyle blog “Another Glass of Champagne, Please” from 2005 to 2009.  She is a management consultant specializing in healthcare strategy.  Jim joined Jetsetter’s Homestead in 2017.  He is an information technology strategy consultant and sometimes freelance journalist.

We have both have been traveling for business for 20+ years.  Our home base is DFW International Airport and between us we have traveled to over 70 countries and 47 states.

We have known each other for 30+ years and reside in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our story is one of those classic tales of youngsters who go on to lead different, but strikingly parallel lives.  We spent most of those 30 years in concentric circles only a few miles apart and eventually came back together, reconnecting initially via LinkedIn.  The rest is history and as Billy Crystal says in When Harry Met Sally: “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”.

Business travelers
We make a good team here at Jetsetter’s Homestead… and don’t even mind flying coach together (occasionally)!

You will always see a primary author for our posts.  But we often read each others work and sometimes edit or contribute to pieces collaboratively.  Some of our best work is done together – whether on this page or in the kitchen.

We love interacting with our readers so comments are something we both enjoy and we look forward to sharing some of our work with you.  We hope you will decide to subscribe to our daily news feed to follow our future articles.


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