Onboard Calls Won’t Fly

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In 2013, the FCC announced it was considering a proposal to allow fliers to make onboard calls while airborne on domestic flights. They requested input from airline pilots, flight attendants, carriers, and passengers. Not surprisingly, the opinions were overwhelmingly against the measure.

Yesterday, the FCC chairman announced a halt to the proposal which would have allowed cell phone use on airborne planes.

The result was similar to a Department of Transportation’s proposal announced in December. That would have allowed onboard calls using a plane’s in-flight WiFi connection. Although that proposal is still officially pending, the response was similar.

In case you missed it, here’s the original article.

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  1. Thank God! It’s bad enough having to listen to people’s personal stories (aka issues) while standing in line someplace. I couldn’t imagine having to listen to that for hours on end during a flight. I can only ignore people so much.

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