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Dutch Student Flies to Wrong Sydney

Sydney opera house at night
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Recently, a Dutch student wanted to take a break from his studies in Amsterdam and see the sights in Sydney. Like most of us experienced in finding the best deals online, he used the internet to make his travel plans.

He found one fare which was considerably lower than the others and quickly snapped up the ticket. As experienced travelers know, sometimes a mistake fare erroneously listed by the airline can be a great way to make the most of your travel budget. It’s a good idea, though, to double check what you’re getting.

Turns out, his ticket was for Sydney, Nova Scotia. And this wasn’t the first time travelers ended up in Canada inadvertently on their way Down Under. He didn’t get suspicious that he was headed the wrong way until he noticed during his layover in Toronto hat he was about to board a much smaller plane. He doubted that plane could make it all the way to Australia so he asked the airline about it. After a few good laughs, they helped him get back to Schiphol.


Even Experienced Fliers End Up in the Wrong Destination Sometimes

It’s a fairly common thing when weary or naïve travelers book flights to the wrong destination. Jennifer, for instance, has inadvertently wound up in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) thinking she was going to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU). She also once booked the travel arrangements for a client to Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon. And she once didn’t discover until a layover in Philadelphia to change planes she had bought a flight to Charleston, South Carolina instead of Charleston, West Virginia.

And Jennifer is a seasoned road warrior so if it happens to her occasionally, it can happen to anyone.

Today, she is traveling for a business meeting in Georgia. I’m just hoping her ticket is to the right Athens.

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