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Flexibility, a Travel Mantra

“If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”   So often, the best laid travel plans fall apart under the pressures of missed connections, weather cancellations, and errant baggage. Those are a few of the most common causes for travel frustration. And we have all experienced the outrageously frustrating extraordinary reasons as well.…

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Routines – Six Things I’m Doing Right and Six Things I Have to Improve

“I was in five different states this week.” “I forgot I was driving my own car and kept looking for the beige Toyota in the parking garage.” “I haven’t had anything but condiments in my refrigerator in the past two months.” “I can’t remember what its like to not have jet lag.” All of these…

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(Almost) Free Weekends For the Taking

There are hundreds of websites touting free travel tips, most of which revolve around credit card tricks (sign up bonuses, manufactured spending, or the like) or redeeming points/miles for trips.  But if you already travel for business, there are often many opportunities out there for free weekends. My favorite way to get free weekends is…

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