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Meet Samantha – New Contributor at Jetsetter’s Homestead

Samantha Smith

We might have uttered the phrase “those kids today” one time too many around the homestead this year.  We aren’t old, not by any stretch.  But we aren’t getting any younger either.  And we definitely aren’t millennials.  But that’s okay.  After all, we still feel young… and that’s what counts.  We survived our 20s and…

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The Inevitable Evolution of the Ballpark Hot Dog

ballpark food

I’ve met several people in my life who have traveled to every ballpark in the country to see America’s pastime being played everywhere it can be. For them, being in those places to see the game across the country is a thrill; the goal for traveling to all those stadiums is for the game itself.…

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Calls on a Plane

The Department of Transportation is considering regulations which would allow travelers to place voice calls in-flight. They solicited travelers and the airline industry to weigh in on the proposed measures. Although the technology exists now to place calls using WiFi applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger, and Skype, the DOT and airlines do not permit…

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