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Manspreading – It’s a Thing

Manspreading… it’s a real thing.  And it’s making people uncomfortable in a public place near you. Urban Dictionary has the following definition: manspreading The act of men spreading legs – particularly on a subway train – to create space for genitalia, which has come under fire by certain feminist-leaners who insist the practice takes up…

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Social Media for Jetsetter’s Homestead

Are you enjoying the travel-meets-life content you find on Jetsetter’s Homestead? Be sure to follow social media for Jetsetter’s Homestead so you don’t miss a thing on OR off the blog feed! * Subscribe to our RSS feed to see our content via your favorite reader. * Like our Facebook page (Jetsetter’s Homestead) so you can see…

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Juggling Life

Every once in a while, I have the perfect storm – an overly committed schedule combined with competing priorities magnified by poor connectivity. That defines my last 72 hours. I’ve been at a trade show since Saturday night that has needed 16 hour focused days that were punctuated by poor connectivity. It’s left me literally…

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