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Not Again… Dallas Tornados??!!

It has been a crappy couple of weeks for weather in the South.  So no one was too alarmed when sirens started sounding all across Dallas last night.  Dallas tornadoes?  In April?  Why not?! Right now Atlanta is a hot mess with Delta near an operational meltdown for the last few days.  (I narrowly avoided that mess…

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Things We Love Around Fort Worth

There is nothing we enjoy more than getting to show off the hometown to visiting guests.  The things we love around Fort Worth are fun to share.  Today’s edition of the Round Up is all about the things we love around Fort Worth. Our friend Andy over at Andy’s Travel Blog is known for some of his amazing…

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The Inevitable Evolution of the Ballpark Hot Dog

ballpark food

I’ve met several people in my life who have traveled to every ballpark in the country to see America’s pastime being played everywhere it can be. For them, being in those places to see the game across the country is a thrill; the goal for traveling to all those stadiums is for the game itself.…

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DFW Hit by Tornado Activity

DFW hit by tornado

Overnight storms rapidly moved across north central Texas early Wednesday morning. This left DFW hit by tornado activity. Rotating funnel clouds swept west to east across Interstate 30 from Tarrant to Dallas County. What Happened Locals in west Fort Worth were awakened by tornado sirens and emergency alerts around 2 am Wednesday morning. A rapidly…

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High-End Hotel Heist

hotel heist

File this hotel heist under made-for-Hollywood plot lines.  Thieves in the know make their way into a five-star hotel room while guests are occupied at dinner and make off with six figures worth of cash and jewelry. While this was a fictitious storyline last season on ABC’s The Catch, it played out in real life last…

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