The Inevitable Evolution of the Ballpark Hot Dog
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The Inevitable Evolution of the Ballpark Hot Dog

I’ve met several people in my life who have traveled to every ballpark in the country to see America’s pastime being played everywhere it can be. For them, being in those places to see the game across the country is a thrill; the goal for traveling to all those stadiums is for the game itself….

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Fried Food and Football – Big Tex’s Specialties

Fans headed to the college football classic Red River Shootout (better known in theses parts as Texas/OU Weekend) take note.  Texas and Oklahoma both have higher rates of heart disease compared to national statistics. Some might equate this to the coronary-inducing performances of both teams at times.  Or it might be the unequivocal love of…

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Video: Southwest Reveals Its New Paint Scheme

In this video captured by Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Andrea Ahles, Southwest reveals its new paint scheme to the hometown crowd at a maintenance hangar event today in Dallas. While the livery design began to make sneak appearances online the past few days – and to many brings to mind Burger King and Hot Dog…

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DFW Airport Public Transit a Reality at Last

DFW Airport public transit finally became a reality this morning as the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Orange Line began running to and from DFW’s a Terminal A in the pre-dawn hours. The DFW station is the 62nd in the transit line’s 90 mile network which now covers many major destinations throughout the Dallas half…