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We’ve talked about nutrition quite a bit here this week (when we weren’t talking about manufactured spending… wow, I really had no idea exactly how big that was until the comments started coming in!)  And on the topic of nutrition, there’s some free stuff I want to make sure you’d seen!

1. I’m giving away one free month subscription to the one-on-one nutrition coaching app Rise.  You can enter by commenting on this linked post.  We don’t have a lot of entries so far so odds at this point are pretty good for anyone who enters before midnight CT on Monday.

2. If you like to read popular health and fitness magazines, have you checked out NextIssue yet? They have a promo running for new customers right now where you can get 60 days free if referred by an existing subscriber. And there is no obligation to stay on at the end of the free trial… but if you are like me, you’ll download more magazines than you can possibly read even during a crazy flight delay and then want to stay on so you can finish them all. (You’re welcome… and if you like it and subscribe, I get $15 too, which I promise to put to good use on something travel-related that I can review or share here!) If you like sticking with the nutrition theme, they’ve got a a couple dozen health, fitness, sport, and light cooking magazines in their virtual news rack. It rivals any airport newstand I’ve seen!

3. Speaking of nutrition, have you heard about Graze?  I’ve been really happy with my last few boxes (pictured below) and have been getting them weekly during my summer period where I’ve been home more often.  If you like free stuff – and want to try them – this code 5RX1RDR1E at will give you a completely free, no obligation box with four snacks.  (If you like it an subscribe, then I get a dollar towards my own snack habit.. but that’s totally not why I’m suggesting it.  I *really* like their snacks!)  And if you like them too and keep going, your fifth box is also free with that code – so that’s basically $18 for your first 20 snacks – 5 boxes with 1 & 5 free plus 3 paid boxes at $6 each.

What kind of stuff do I get?  Here are my last four boxes:

Graze 1

Everything in this box was delicious. I realized I still had wheat coming in my boxes so this was the last appearance of the bruschetta. (A beautiful thing about Graze is the ability to customize boxes based on dietary preferences!)

Graze 2

Another great box. They could seriously send me four of the flapjacks every time and I’d be stoked but the other three mixes were delicious too!

Graze 3

The “My Thai” rice crackers and dipping sauce? My seatmate was SO jealous when i had those and they had the gross airline snack mix. (Don’t worry… I gave them a free box coupon!)

Graze 4

The chocolate fudge pieces with pecans made for a nice snack in the airport one day. And flapjacks make me happy always!

Graze 5

Three of my favorites in one box = home run… Tropical Daiquiri and Raspberry Coconut Muffin are two of their best fruit mixes and then I got a flapjack too??!! And the Punchy Protein Nuts were great – totally not something I’d have ever picked up for myself either.

So to summarize, that’s a chance of winning free stuff, some guaranteed free stuff (with no obligation), and more guaranteed free stuff (also with no obligation)!  Not a bad Saturday haul wherever you may be spending the day!

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