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Avoid Getting Zika While Traveling This Summer

tiger mosquito

Having spent a great deal of time living and working in the Caribbean, where it’s always mosquito season, I’ve had more than my share of bites. While generally just a nuisance, mosquitoes are actually the most deadly creature on earth. Mosquito-borne diseases affect more than 700 million people annually. And chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, and malaria…

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40% Off at NatureBox

Delta switched out their onboard coach snack choices last fall.   After years of pretzels and Biscoff cookies, having something different was like discovering crack.  I quickly found myself addicted to the Greek Yogurt Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars from NatureBox  Knowing it was somewhat healthy was merely a bonus. I was excited to discover that NatureBox…

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TBT: Airport Deviled Eggs

The Delta Sky Club brought to mind one of my favorite posts of yesteryear – airport deviled eggs. Why? Because despite Jim’s observation that travel is not healthy, it really should be.  And part of that is eating lots of protein. I get excited these days that domestic airline lounges have improved their food offerings.  One…

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