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TBT: Airport Deviled Eggs

A deviled egg is placed on a white paper plate with a plastic fork and knife. The plate is resting on a napkin with the text "DELTA SKY CLUB" printed on it. The background is a dark surface.
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The Delta Sky Club brought to mind one of my favorite posts of yesteryear – airport deviled eggs.

Why? Because despite Jim’s observation that travel is not healthy, it really should be.  And part of that is eating lots of protein.

I get excited these days that domestic airline lounges have improved their food offerings.  One of my favorite things is that both American Airlines Admirals Clubs and Delta Sky Clubs usually have hard boiled eggs in the morning.  And hard boiled eggs with the right toppings = airport deviled eggs.

Sometimes Jetsetter's Homestead gets really creative, especially when we aren't in an international first class cabin (which is most of the time!)
Sometimes Jetsetter’s Homestead gets really creative, especially when we aren’t in an international first class cabin (which is most of the time!)

The genesis of airport deviled eggs was my need to make lunch in a tiny airport one autumn afternoon.  Take two hardboiled eggs from a deli case.  Slice.  Add sandwich condiments to yolk.  Mix.  Eat.  Yum.

So we love it when we get to revisit an old favorite again.  This makes the morning so much better, especially when we have not had enough sleep because of DFW tornado weather.

Doing that deviled eggs in the airport thing again. #jetsetter #thefunneverstops #delta

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Do you have any favorite lounge or airport food hacks?


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