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Breakup on a Plane

I’m a couple of days late to the story (or rather in auto-post mode since I’m currently off on my Grand Mediterranean cruise) but this story caught my eye about how a woman trended on Twitter due to her live tweeting a couple’s too-public breakup on a plane. It is stories like this that make…

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End of Summer Reading List

Summer is almost over.  But if you are like me, you are vacationing late.  I purposely scheduled my Grand Mediterranean cruise late so that I could get to Europe AFTER most of the Americans had left and not run into the summer break for Europeans.  One other bonus is that I can compile my summer…

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It’s Okay to Skip the First Class Lounge (and Other Realities of Business Travel)

If you have found yourself here at the Jetsetter’s Homestead, chances are fairly good that you landed here either because you read a lot of travel blogs already or because you are researching upcoming travel (and thus will soon be buried in the world of travel blogs).  It seems like everyone has a travel blog these…

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(Almost) Free Weekends For the Taking

There are hundreds of websites touting free travel tips, most of which revolve around credit card tricks (sign up bonuses, manufactured spending, or the like) or redeeming points/miles for trips.  But if you already travel for business, there are often many opportunities out there for free weekends. My favorite way to get free weekends is…

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