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Lyft Driver Referral Debacle – Is It Fixed?

There is another episode in the soap opera that has developed around the Lyft driver referral promotion this past week.  Last night I was still awake and refreshing my Lyft driver app while exchanging messages with other drivers in the same position as me – one of waiting to see if driver approvals would come through…

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UPDATE: Lyft Bonus Saga

It looks like the Lyft bonus promotion has turned into a major wreck, leaving drivers (and potential drivers) ensnarled in the pileup. For those playing catch up, here’s the short version: 1. Last Thursday, Lyft offered an amazing driver sign up offer – $1,000 for new drivers who are approved and drive ONE ride in…

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Trouble for Lyft?

I’ve questioned before whether Lyft might be struggling with funding.  But now their biggest driver recruitment promotion ever is set to disappoint hundreds (if not thousands) of potential drivers as well as current drivers referring them. Yesterday I questioned whether Lyft would be able to fulfill the bonus offer made to drivers.  Today, indications from…

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Uber Driver Earnings – Do They Clear Minimum Wage?

Editorial note – this story was extensively fact-checked to be sure the pay reported was accurately conveyed, including how Uber calculates guarantees for their drivers.  Ten days ago, I reported that the latest round of rate cuts for UberX, while great for consumers, might spell the end of equitable Uber driver earnings, even with promised…

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