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Still in Lyft Limbo

If you’ve been following my Lyft saga, you know that it’s been a roller coaster ride to try to get approved to drive. As of this morning, I’m sitting at less than 72 hours to fulfill my driving requirement and still no approval. I redid my mentor ride on Saturday afternoon (and was finally asked…

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How “Select” is UberSelect?

Friday was one of my more frustrating days to be an Uber passenger.  Some of the usual complaints not withstanding, I had a bizarre day with Uber and one that gives me pause when considering the future direction of the company, at least here in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. It started innocently enough – I…

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Dear Uber Driver (An Open Letter)

Dear Uber driver*, (* or Lyft driver or Curb driver or yellow taxi/black car/pedicab driver… I’ve been in dozens of your cars in 2015 already and the lines are blurring so this is really for all of you) How’s it going? Listen, I know its tough out there with the lowered fares (or bogus bonuses, unfair…

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Twelve Hours Late… Lyft DOES Come Through (Sort Of)

This morning I reported my disappointment that Lyft did not respond by last night’s promised deadline. But twelve hours later, they have.  The news, however, is mixed. They have conceded that my background check DID pass… but my mentor drive did not.  I have to repeat it in full (including resubmission of photos, insurance, and license) and…

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Update – Lyft Did Not Come Through

If you have been following the Lyft driver referral saga, the overnight updates is that Lyft did not come through.  At least not for me.  Or for any of the ridesharing drivers I stay in regular contact with who either applied themselves or referred applicants. Yesterday’s email promised that drivers who had their background check…

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