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Crying on Vacation

I am one of those emotional girls who does emotional things like crying on vacation. I cry when reading books. I cry when reading stories on Facebook. I cry watching movies (especially Love Actually). I cry walking through the arrivals hall at T5 at Heathrow.  Every bloody time (blame Love Actually). So yes, of course…

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Breaking: Incident at British Airways Lounge at Heathrow

An unidentified male passenger was transported from London’s Heathrow Airport by air ambulance after falling from an outdoor balcony.  The incident at British Airways’ Galleries Nouth Lounge in Terminal 5 occurred mid-afternoon. An eyewitness reports hearing the words “No” and looking up to see the legs of the passenger who had appeared to have fallen head…

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Double Check Your Travel Geography When Booking

A distressed passenger is suing British Airways after he thought he booked a ticket to Granada, Spain but instead was bound for Grenada – in the Caribbean – because his travel geography and that of the reservation agent did not align. While many on social media and message boards are crying “frivolous”, it forced me to…

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Coping with Lost Luggage

Lost luggage is the jetsetter’s worst nightmare.  Many frequent travelers I know actually refuse to check bags as an avoidance tactic. I personally got over the “checking bags makes you less of a road warrior” shtick a few years ago.  Sometimes it’s just a necessity – and no longer one I feel guilt or shame…

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