Crying on Vacation

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I am one of those emotional girls who does emotional things like crying on vacation.

I cry when reading books.

I cry when reading stories on Facebook.

I cry watching movies (especially Love Actually).

I cry walking through the arrivals hall at T5 at Heathrow.  Every bloody time (blame Love Actually).

So yes, of course I cry on vacation.

I’ve been caught crying on vacation on multiple occasions.  In my 20s or early 30s, it usually had something to do with a boy and because I had to leave (either leave him or LEAVE him).

These days, it is usually because I have to leave a place or an experience (and occasionally because someone has lost my luggage or because I’m having a bad travel day)!

I’ve wept openly in the airport in Denpasar airport, sad to leave Bali.  I’ve sobbed in Cambodia over the killing fields and in Poland over the concentration camps.

I’ve had leaky eyes in Italian museums and during West End musicals and watching children play in a Parisian park.

But nothing has elevated my crying on vacation to new dramatic heights quite like sailing on Seabourn, a luxury small ship cruise line.

I’ve just wrapped up another Seabourn cruise (this time a 16 night transatlantic) and as I sit here in the Concorde Room at Heathrow preparing to fly home, I’m embarrassed to think about how my tears.  I burst into spontaneous tears at the farewell gala a full 36 hours before I left the ship.  I cried when I came back to my room on the last full day and found my bags waiting on my bed so that I could pack them.  And I wore big black sunglasses as I departed the ship yesterday because I was weeping openly at the thought of leaving the ship.

I’ll soon be starting my trip reporting with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Seabourn and what luxury cruising is all about.  (That means if you have stumbled across my blog during this featured week on Boarding Area, you may want to bookmark this site or come find me over at

In the meantime, I’m about to fly home across the Atlantic in a slightly less luxurious style than how I arrived… yes, I’m referring to BA First Class as “less luxurious” and I’ll soon explain why!



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  1. This post made me chuckle – and I am with you on Love Actually. Can’t wait to read your Seaboard trip report.

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