Chipolo Can Find Your Lost Keys or Find Your Lost Phone, But Only If You Actually Use It!

find your lost keys find your lost phone chipolo
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Where are my keys? If you’re like me, you lose them occasionally. And when you can’t find your lost keys, it’s always at the most inconvenient time.

find your lost keys find your lost phone Chipolo

Jetsetter’s Homestead was given a Chipolo to review. I didn’t think I would ever use it, but it turns out that it is a very handy device to find your lost keys.  It also serves dual duty to find your lost phone as well.

How Does Chipolo Find Your Lost Keys or Find Your Lost Phone?

It’s pretty simple to use Chipolo. There is a quick setup process to pair your Chipolo disc to an app that you download. Once installed, you can click the Chipolo to find your lost phone. Or, as in my case, you can use your phone to find your lost keys using the Chipolo disc.

The disc and phone both make a loud noise when you choose to locate it.

find your lost keys find your lost phone Chipolo
Chipolo app interface.

I hooked the disc onto my key chain but you can use it in a variety of ways. You can attach it to a bicycle seat to easily find it. You put it in your wallet if you regularly misplace that. Or you can attach it to anything else you may want to track. (Note that tracking humans may require their cooperation by wearing the Chiopolo!)

Does Chipolo Actually Work to Find Your Lost Keys?

A friend of mine told me that last month she had a device attached to her keys. While riding her motorcycle, her keys fell out of her pocket. A driver next to her waved her down at the next stop. He told her told her the keys were on the road a few blocks back. She activated her device and retraced her path.

As she approached the location in the road where she had dropped them, the keychain began to make a loud noise. The keys had fallen into some weeds on the roadside. She would never have found them if they were not emitting a very loud sound from the Chipolo disc. She was very glad to have her keys back!

Will We Be Using Chipolo in the Future?

Although the technology and function convinced me it was a good investment, I was not convinced we needed it around the homestead. I rarely lose anything. (Note from Jennifer… I disagree strongly with this statement!!!) (Note from me: “whatever you say, dear.”) 

Less than 12 hours after test driving the Chipolo on Wednesday, I received a panicked phone call from Jennifer yesterday morning. She was about to leave for the airport and could not find her car keys anywhere.

Unfortunately for us, the Chipolo we tested was attached to my set of keys which were with me at work, 20 miles away. Jennifer tore the house apart looking for her keys (which had last been seen on the kitchen counter). She ended up having to take an Uber to the airport.

If we had a Chipolo attached to her keys, we could have quickly tracked them down – whether they were in the house or with me at work. Instead, they are missing and may not turn up for weeks…

We will be buying these devices for both keychains now. We may also attach them to all of the other things that Jennifer loses misplaces on a regular basis. (Note from Jennifer: “Hmphhhh!!!”)

How Much is Chiopolo and Where Can I Get One?

Chipolo is available at retailers as well as on Amazon. We’ve seen limited colors at The Container Store (one of our favorite stores) but we’ve found the most complete selection at Amazon. They have many colors (charcoal black, coral red, lemon yellow, mint green, ocean blue, pearl white, and rose quartz). With multiple colors, each family member can have their own Chipolo color assigned to ensure that keys don’t get mixed up. And Chipolo is available via Amazon Prime too (meaning you can get it quickly).

The Chipolo retails for $24.95.


The dual versatility of the device to not only locate keys but also to find your lost phone is great.

If you regularly need help to find your lost phone or if you regularly lose keys, this would be a sound investment.

Now if only we could find Jennifer’s lost keys….


    1. Chipolo uses Bluetooth 4.0 which has a range of 60 meters (200 ft). For us, I can find the device from anywhere around our house.

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