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Hurry! – The Best Travel Hairdryer EVER, Baby Buttercup, is 50% Off Until Midnight Tonight

The image shows a "Drybar To Go" travel essentials kit. The kit includes a yellow travel-sized hair dryer, two bottles labeled "Detox Dry Shampoo" and "Detox Dry Conditioner," two yellow hair clips, and a yellow hairbrush. The packaging is gray with yellow accents and features the text "Let It Blow! It's Drybar To Go - The Ultimate Travel Essentials."
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I’ve raved about the best travel hairdryer before – the Drybar Baby Buttercup is my go-to! But I just now found out that it’s on sale for 50% off through midnight tonight (Friday July 14).

Read on to find out why we are raving about this deal – not only as a personal buy but a great gift to pick up now!

Drybar Baby Buttercup best travel hairdryer
The Drybar Baby Buttercup is THE best travel hairdryer. This special box set is an amazing deal.

The Unbelievable Steal of a Deal on the Drybar Baby Buttercup

Good Morning America featured the Drybar Baby Buttercup on today’s GMA Deals and Steals. This travel box set – Drybar To Go – is only $67.50.  It not only features this great travel hairdryer but also several other products.  Those include travel size Drybar Detox dry shampoo and dry conditioner, a travel brush, and sectioning clips to get the perfect blow dry.  The hairdryer includes a vent attachment for heat control.  And it comes with the cutest drawstring travel bag printed with ‘I’m Full of Hot Air”.

Get it here – but only until midnight on Friday July 14.  (This post has been edited… we originally thought this ended last night!)

Why Should You Care?

If you travel and regularly dry your hair, you may need this dryer.  I am able to dry my hair in less than half the time that it takes me with most hotel or cruise ship hairdryers.  The hairdryers that most properties use are cheap.  They are missing the vent attachment that helps concentrate heat.  And they frequently overheat while I’m drying my sponge-like hair.  I end up hot and sweaty from too much time in the steamy bathroom while trying to get my wet hair to dry.

Gentlemen, this would be a GREAT early gift to buy and put away for your wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters.  If you travel with a female, this dryer will benefit you too.  No more waiting too long for her to be ready – this dryer is amazing.  You WILL be a hero if you give her this treat.

Even if you don’t travel much, this dryer is great to pack up for your gym bag or day tote.  I’ve carried it in my bag on a rainy day to quickly refresh my hair in the bathroom at work.  And it is a favorite after I swim at the gym – other women always want to know where I found this.

Does the Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Hairdryer Really Work?

In a single word – YES!!!

I’m a raving fan after traveling with my Drybar Baby Buttercup travel hairdryer for 8 months.  I also have a full-size Drybar Buttercup at home.  While the full-size hairdryer is slightly more powerful, it is also very bulky.  The Drybar Baby Buttercup still has 1875 watts of power which is heavy-duty.  That’s more power than I ever see on a hotel hairdryer.

This folds up flat and takes up less room than an extra pair of shoes in my bag.  The Drybar Baby Buttercup has a single speed switch whereas the full-size version has both a heat and speed switch.  I don’t find that makes much difference for me.

The Drybar Baby Buttercup has a lengthy (7 foot) cord that is heavy-duty.  If you’ve ever had to dry your hair in a foreign hotel with no bathroom plugs, you know how handy this is.  You can plug it into the randomly inconvenient electrical outlet and still find a comfortable place to dry your hair.  And the dryer operates at 120/240 volts which makes international travel a breeze (no fried travel hairdryer).

As I’ve shared before, I get the best hair results when I also use Velcro rollers with my blowout.  But those are not essential to successfully use this travel hairdryer. I swear by the Drybar High Tops below. I have a set that never leaves my suitcase!

What If You Miss the Best Travel Hairdryer on Sale?

If you miss this deal, expect to see many of these wind up on Amazon from resellers at marked up prices.  We found the same Drybar To Go set starting at an outrageous $208.25 from multiple resellers.  GMA Deals and Steals is limiting customers to 10 of these buys, possibly in an attempt to prevent this.

The dryer is also available at Drybar stores nationally.  The dryer (by itself) retails for $135.  Their latest travel kit (which is slightly different than this one) retails for $139 (a $179 value).  Nordstrom and Sephora also carry the line for those who use shopping portals to maximize miles.

Do you own the Drybar Baby Buttercup or Drybar Buttercup?


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