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2014 has come and gone – and another milestone passed with New Year’s Eve that I failed to recognize at the time – my first six months as part of the Boarding Area & Prior2Boarding family of blogs.

When I set out to write again (my original travel/life blog – “Another Glass of Champagne Please” was shuttered by me in 2009 after four years online), my one caveat was that I would only write about what *I* found interesting.  It’s why I don’t write about credit cards – or mistake fares – or airline cookies.  And it’s why I do write about UberX – and subscription boxes – and my own travel patterns.


I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at my top 25 posts from the first six months – it’s interesting to see what hits the mark with my readers – and also what doesn’t.  Here are the top 25, in order of popularity:

1. My First Manufactured Spending Meetup (originally published 8/11/14)

2. Six Uber Secrets You NEED to Know THIS Weekend (originally published 9/26/14)

3. Stitch Fix Box Review – August 2014 (originally published 8/13/14)

4. Birchbox OR Ipsy – August 2014 (originally published (8/20/14)

5. 24 Hours as an UberX Driver (originally published 8/16/14)

6. Stitch Fix Box Review – September 2014 (originally published 10/2/14)

7. Going Nuts?  Taking On American Airlines Policy on Nut Allergies (originally published 8/27/14)

8. Stitch Fix Box Review – July 2014 (originally published 7/11/14)

9. Sex Love and Uber (originally published 10/7/14)

10. Incident at British Airways Lounge at Heathrow (originally published 9/10/14)

11. Free Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Through 2016 Plus 25,000 AAdvantage Miles  (originally published 10/29/14)

12. New App – Clever Uber Workaround? Or Uber Fraud? (originally published 12/17/14)

13. Six Things I Learned About Singapore Taxis (originally published 11/25/14)

14. Lyft Financial Woes? (originally published 10/22/14)

15. Free Stuff for the Taking (originally published 8/16/14)

16. Volcano Threatens Air Travel (originally published 8/16/14)

17. Birchbox OR Ipsy – July 2014 (originally published 7/25/14)

18. App Review: Next Issue (originally published 7/16/14)

19. Tip Not Included Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does (originally published 9/21/14)

20. The Princess Flies CX First (Guest Blogger) (originally published 11/24/14)

21. Starbucks Rumor, Is In Fact, True (originally published 11/5/14)

22. Live Blog: Saturday Segment Run on American (originally published 12/13/14)

23. Birchbox OR Ipsy – June 2014 (originally published 6/23/14)

24. Birchbox OR Ipsy – September 2014 (originally published 9/27/14)

25. Stitch Fix Box Review – October 2014 (originally published 11/22/14)


There are a few interesting trends here – six of my top posts are about transportation of some sort and eight are subscription box reviews.  Five of my top posts came during the week I was a Boarding Area featured blogger – thank you BA for the extra eyeballs!

Some of these pieces were among my very favorites to write.

The number one post was my personal number thing I’ve written for this blog – while it generated a lot of discussion (and a bit of controversy from some who thought I was being condescending about manufactured spending), it was truly educational for me to research and write.

The live blog I wrote while doing a segment run on American one Saturday (one that I got no credit for… I was riding along with a friend’s companion privileges) was fun to write live!

I also have enjoyed all of the Uber pieces I’ve researched and written.  My readers are one of the reasons I’ve stuck it out through the sometimes disappointing earnings with UberX because I love having an inside track to share insights with you.

And it tickles me to know that some of my more consumer-oriented reviews hit the mark – it proves what I believed before I started Jetsetter’s Homestead which is that there is a segment of travel consumers out there who weren’t covered by the other blogs.

Here’s to another six months of writing… and reading.  Thank you for the audience – and I look forward to writing more things you like to read!

What would you like to read about next?  (After, of course, I finally finish my Indonesian cruise report!)

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