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Welcome to the first weekly recap for Jetsetter’s Homestead for 2015.  I’m both excited and nervous about a new year starting, especially as I’ve adopted the concept of “change” as my intention for 2015, in lieu of a traditional resolution.

Change means many things as I look towards the next twelve months.

To start, I am focusing on “quality over quantity”.  I’m looking to trim extraneous things and simplify my day-to-day life – fewer material possessions, more authenticity, less distractions.  That applies across the board – from how I travel to what I post here on the website.  I want my readers to have unique content and original thoughts, even if that means fewer posts per day/week.

In the larger scope, I’m examining the big pieces in my life including my career and how I plan to spend the second half of it (yes, I’m finally coming to terms with what it means to be “mid-career” and what that means).  I will, no doubt, have some shakeups in both my personal and professional life on the horizon.  That will mean an entirely new set of travel/life balance issues to sort out.

I’m not sure what it is about the new year that serves as a catalyst for this kind of thought.  For me, it’s less about the pages on the calendar and more about the downtime I get to think about new things.

This week, it’s been all about (or mostly about) the new year here at Jetsetter’s Homestead.  We talked about airline champagne (and how that maps to our on-the-ground tastes).  I gave some pro tips for Uber (great for any night, not just New Years Eve).  And then I shared, in detail, exactly what it was like to drive for Uber on New Years Eve.  (hint: I will NOT be doing that next year!)

And to close out 2014, I shared my top posts from the year, with notes about my personal favorites, just in case you missed any of them.

I skipped my “around Prior2Boarding” post this week.  Volume for most of the sites was fairly light.  There were a couple of notable exceptions, but I’m sure you caught them if you follow them.  I plan to return next week with my favorite posts of the week from my fellow P2B writers.

As I look forward to January, I plan to catch up on my growing stack of hotel reviews (I’m about a dozen behind!) – and no, I won’t be making this mistake again!  I also want to wrap up the rest of the posts that accompany my Indonesian adventure trip report.

But first, there is more travel… in the next two weeks I have 13 domestic airline segments, 4 car rentals, 5 hotel stays, AND another cruise – so it’s time to pack my bags again and get ready for another crazy year of travel.

Wishing you a great week, wherever you are and wherever you are going!


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