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Airports and Autism – Rehearsing for Flight

Navigating an airport for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for any first-time flyer.  But mix airports and autism together and you can have a highly stressful situation for that traveling family. Sensory overstimulation is often a fear for parents of autistic children.  How their child might deal with situations outside their…

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Former TWA Terminal at JFK Open to Public

If you want to revisit the golden age of the jet set, a time when travel was a stylish affair highlighted by space age innovation, you can.  And you don’t need a TARDIS to get you there either. For one day this month, the architecturally-iconic former TWA terminal at JFK (nee Idlewild) will open to the public….

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Thanks Again – No, Really, Thanks Again!

Occasionally I stumble across ways of earning miles that are so easy that I wonder how I could have ever missed them.  Thanks Again is one of those programs. The website allows users to register credit cards and then receive miles any time a registered card is used at a participating merchant. I found out…


It’s Called a Moving Walkway For a Reason

Picture it… a tight connection through a difficult airport (in my case, the furthest A terminal gate at Charlotte Douglas International Airport to the furthest E terminal gate) made worse by a delayed inbound flight (runway incursion, aborted landing, no biggie). I have to dash through the airport to catch the last reasonable connecting flight…

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DFW Airport Public Transit a Reality at Last

DFW Airport public transit finally became a reality this morning as the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Orange Line began running to and from DFW’s a Terminal A in the pre-dawn hours. The DFW station is the 62nd in the transit line’s 90 mile network which now covers many major destinations throughout the Dallas half…

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Airport Pet Relief Areas – The Scoop on Where to Poop

I travel way too much to be a responsible pet owner.  But I have many friends that do have pets.  And some of those pets travel as much as their owners, in under the seat carriers.  On long travel days with delays and connections, finding appropriate airport pet relief areas can be critical when Fido…