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Meet Me Halfway… The Six Month Status Checkup

How can it be July 4th weekend already?  I feel like I was just ringing in the new year.  If you follow Jetsetter’s Homestead, then you know this has been a whirlwind year for me – I’m at a new firm after an acquisition which means my travel patterns have been altered a bit as I…

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Introducing Master Pages

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to dig for things on the internet.  While the Googley people love nothing more than to dig for treasure, I prefer to spend my screen time reading. I have a large trip coming up and want to be able to write about it without having to…

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Ebola on a Plane… Or Not

Unbelievable… saying Ebola on a plane is a fast way to get yourself removed and hold up an entire planeload of passengers. A passenger onboard a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic apparently joked out loud that he had the Ebola virus. The plane was met by a crew in hazmat suits…

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BREAKING: AA & US Flight Attendants Agree on Contract

WFAA in Dallas is reporting that American Airlines and US Airways flight attendants agree on contract terms pending ratification by union members. If approved, this will give flight attendants at the new American Airlines the top pay rates among US airlines. Labor relations were an important element of the American Airlines merger with US Airways…

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Reciprocal Upgrades – American and US Airways – Part III

This is Part III in a four-part series on reciprocal upgrades between American Airlines and US Airways. On Tuesday we discussed how American’s elite status members can now upgrade on US Airways metal. Yesterday we discussed how US Airways’ elite status members can now upgrade on American metal. In this post, I’ll cover what happens…

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