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Relive TWA Jet Age at JFK Hotel

The Eero Saarinen airline terminal that marked the TWA jet age at New York’s Idlewild Airport was a true work of beauty. The terminal housed TWA jet operations at what is now JFK International Airport until American Airlines acquired the bankrupt airline in 2001.  By that time, the once-iconic TWA had largely been sold off in…

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When Operations Go Haywire, Should Airlines Ask Passengers to Volunteer to Help?

Delta apology delta lounge middle seat passengers

If you or someone you remotely care about was scheduled to fly on Delta over the past few days, you have my condolences. I dodged that bullet – barely. I was scheduled to fly into Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, just as the first wave of operational trouble had kicked up.  Then I was headed to northwest…

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TBT: Airport Deviled Eggs

The Delta Sky Club brought to mind one of my favorite posts of yesteryear – airport deviled eggs. Why? Because despite Jim’s observation that travel is not healthy, it really should be.  And part of that is eating lots of protein. I get excited these days that domestic airline lounges have improved their food offerings.  One…

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New American Airlines Boarding Order Introduced


One of my travel pet peeves as a near-weekly flyer is the ambiguity of the American Airlines boarding order process. While the order in which passengers are allowed to board has been clearly articulated in the past, the American Airlines boarding order process is often still poorly executed. Right now, there are technically nine different boarding groups…

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Make American Great Again

I am I used to be a raving fan girl for American Airlines.  But that has not been the case in 2016.  For the last 24 months, my patience with my hometown airline has been wearing thin.  Its time to make American great again. First it was the short-lived changes to inflight service that cut out food…

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