Experience Europe in The Amazing Race Style – Are You Game?

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We have a few questions to pose to our readers this weekend:

  • Have you ever wanted to compete on The Amazing Race?
  • Do you crave a summer vacation with a bit of adventure and mystery?
  • Can you see yourself splitting part of a cash prize jackpot?
  • Are you free July 3 through July 15?
  • Do you have the means to get two people to Europe quickly?

If you answered yes to these questions, Competitours has a potential opportunity for you!

Europe Amazing Race

Do you want to trek across Europe competing in an Amazing Race styled event next month?

Steve Belkin, founder of Competitours, messaged me yesterday to alert me to a crazy chance to join one of the most unique travel opportunities around.

I know Steve from way back when.  The two of us submitted an audition video together for The Amazing Race in 2005.  We were attempting to represent Team FlyerTalk and the world of frequent flyers.  While we did not make it, we had a lot of fun filming our video(s) in our hometowns of Cleveland and Fort Worth.  And at the end of the day, Steve decided that there should be an opportunity for anyone who wants to experience something like The Amazing Race to do so.

This year, one of the Competitours teams had to drop out at the last minute to a broken leg.  And that’s where your chance comes in.  They would like to find a new team to take their place at half off the normal entry fee.  For only $1,995 per person (50% off), you and a partner could potentially be in.  You’d participate in what the Chicago Tribune calls “The Amazing Race for Regular People”.

Unlike The Amazing Race, there are no strenuous physical challenges or weird food experiments.  The trip is good for travelers of all ages who are looking for “sightDOING, not sightseeing”.

Steve is taking submissions from teams of two who are interested in filling the slot.  If you have the ability to be in Europe by July 3 and can stay through July 15, have a partner to participate with, and have the $1,995 per person for the entry fee, send Steve an email by Sunday night.  He will announce a team to fill the vacant slot on Monday morning.

The trip includes a number of things including 11 nights lodging/breakfast, 11 days of challenge activity fees, all inter-European air/train/charter bus transportation, and several other things all detailed in full here.  There is also a FAQ on the Competitours that will answer any basic questions you might have.  Steve and Gary Leff (View From The Wing) also partner together in a mileage award booking service.  Steve will offer his services to help the selected team use their miles to get to Europe for the event.

If we were both available those dates, I would totally throw our hats in the ring for this.  But since we aren’t, I’d love to see a reader get to compete.  Let us know if you decide to enter!

 (HT: View From The Wing)

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