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As Jim will tell you, there’s no place like home.  We both like being here but a quick reentry can be a rude awakening.  That’s definitely how it feels to get back to business after a week of vacation.  Writing the weekly recap today was definitely bittersweet!

Recapping Last Week

We were on vacation so we wrote a bit less.  Here is what we shared….


I’m a big fan of Instagram and use it to share photos of our daily life throughout the week.  Follow jetsettershomestead there to see all of our photos but here are a couple of my favorites from the week!

Look who joined us for coffee this morning! #jetsetter #cuba #cruisenorwegian

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Date night on the sofa… Netflix and charcuterie! #homestead #datenight #saturdaynight

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Affiliate Spotlight

We pay for 100% of our travel and other reviewed/discussed items on Jetsetter’s Homestead unless otherwise explicitly disclosed.  But one of the ways we do keep the wheels turning for that is to form affiliate or marketing partnerships with companies whose services or products we personally buy/use or otherwise have faith in.

Our major affiliate partnership is with Amazon but we also have a growing list of other companies we’ve researched that we like.  Typically these companies pay us a small percentage of referred sales but occasionally we are paid in product credit or for lead generation instead.  We’d like to highlight each week one of the retailers we work with and why we like them!

This week – BorrowLenses – This is a really awesome company that rents professional grade photography gear.  Have you ever wanted to take the kinds of cool photos that you see in travel magazines (or on Andy’s Travel Blog) but feel like it might either be a one-time thing or are scared to make the investment?  BorrowLenses is a great place to try before you buy or just get that one-time use item.  I think they might also be a great alternative if you are worried about checking personal camera equipment due to current or pending cabin electronics bans.

Their prices are reasonable (I’m already eyeballing the GoPro toys I want to try for Alaska but know I shouldn’t actually purchase) and you can also buy or sell used equipment there.  I’d definitely recommend trying BorrowLenses for your summer vacation.

Back to Business… What’s Next

Now that we are back to business, hopefully the rest of the month will fly by.  Jim starts a new long-term assignment this week.  It’s local which will be quite the change up – and it means we are going back to two cars soon!  Conversely, my travel is kicking up again and I also have a two week vacation with my mom coming up at the end of the month.

In between we have plenty of excitement including the Cadillac (invitation only) event and U2’s Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour (both at AT&T Stadium).  We were in high school during the original tour and our local show was the one with BB King that was filmed for Rattle & Hum.  We are really excited about this concert and it seems that many of our classmates going will have seen both shows (1987 and 2017)!

On here, we have a ton to catch up on including all of our coverage of Cuba.  We’ll be spacing that out over several weeks.  We decided to intersperse it as we think some of it will be heavy.  It may take us some time to unpack it and also to do the content justice.

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