Travels With Mom – Favorites and Flashbacks

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I’ve heard it said that “travel is in your blood”.  If that is the case, it is certainly an inherited love.  Mother’s Day is a great time to reflect on who passes on that love to us.  For many of us, our earliest journeys are woven together – they are jointly travels with mom.  Later, when we are older and independent, we may want to travel alone or with our friends.  But hopefully as we grow older and wiser, we get the opportunity to come back around to our first and original travel companion for more journeys together.

Jen’s mom – Robbie

My earliest airplane memories are those of my travels with mom.  Her love of travel and adventure has been passed down to me.  I watched her travel for business for years when I was younger and was excited to follow along a similar career path.  Now that she is retired, she only travels for leisure but we get to take occasional vacations together.  Our next one will be in two weeks when we take off together on a twelve-night mother/daughter Alaskan cruise on Seabourn!

travels with mom

Jennifer and her mom Robbie prepare to leave Port Everglades Florida on a transatlantic Seabourn sailing (March 2016).

Jim’s mom – Connie

Jim too has his memories of “travels with mom”.  His childhood family travel memories featured frequent trips to New Mexico (including Albuquerque and the Four Corners area).  Currently his parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary aboard a Panama Canal sailing on Princess.

travels with mom

Jim and his mom Connie in Curacao for his birthday (November 2016).

Do our mom’s read the blog?  Yep!

Our moms both keep up with our travels through social media and the posts we make here on Jetsetter’s Homestead.  Jim’s mom sent us a photo to let us know she stocked up on my three secret travel toiletries for their anniversary cruise.  And my mom has been a frequent commenter on our posts – whether here or on Facebook.

Food is a very popular topic.  Earlier this week, my mom and Jim disagreed over the great beans or no beans in chili debate.  (I’m staying out of that one!)  She was very supportive of my rant about eating in cars.  And she always checks out the recipes that I post, particularly when they are new ones that I haven’t pilfered or altered from family classics (like my Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings or these S’mores Bars).  And it is pretty much a guarantee that if I write about Starbucks, it will get her attention – it doesn’t matter if it’s about Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Eggnog Lattes!

She was very supportive of my decision to cheat on American Airlines with Delta.  (Yes, she did it first.)  She loves to hoard travel amenities as much as I do.  Robbie has no problem jumping into a grammar debate (and I know she will take my side with the Oxford comma).  She’ll reminisce about pulling me out of school to take a “memory course” and support my penchant for stealing Jim’s shirts (heck, high fashion also approves!)

Robbie is also a big fan of other people’s writing – so she spreads the mom love around!  She loved Rachel’s guest series on Mardi Gras and likes to talk Texas weather so Jim’s discussion of tornadoes and such was fun for her to weigh in on.  I’m still trying to get her to guest blog here.  I think her take on luxury cruising or first class lounges would be great.  (Guys, my mom is seriously funny!)  But for today, we are going to give our moms the day off from writing or commenting or reading.  Just thank you… thank you for the love of travel, thank you for inspiring us to write, and thank you for always being supportive!

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