The Uber Dumpster Fire But Otherwise Relatively Boring Weekly Recap

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Welcome to another edition of the weekly recap for Jetsetter’s Homestead.  This is our every Monday summary where we summarize what you might have missed in the past week.  If you like to skim a website, start here – you can find it all in one neat place.  (A little slice of our content, a bit about our life, a sense of our twisted humor, etc.)

It was a fairly quiet week in the blogsphere.  No one was getting dragged off planes, beaten with strollers, or shamed for their clothing choices.  And to be honest, we are kind of glad.  We needed a slower week to catch up on other things.

Many of our fellow family were off at the Freddie Awards.  I was excited to see American Airlines and Marriott win Best Elite Program for the Americas for airline and hotel.  Since I spend most of my time with those two brands.   I can only hope it is positive reinforcement to keep doing the right things.

This Week’s Posts

Meanwhile, we were at home for one last quiet week before the travel tornado starts again.  Here’s the weekly recap of what we were writing about.  The common theme seemed to be Uber and dumpster fires.

Instagram Weekly Recap

We love Instagram.  #obsessed #always #travel #jetsetter #homestead #foodporn #enoughalready

Here are a few of the snaps from the week.  Some weeks we go light.  Some weeks we go hard.  You can follow us to see everything.

It’s a beautiful day to sit and enjoy the waterfront! #jetsetter #workcation #sandiego

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Pre-conference late lunch now that my booth is set up. Thank goodness I brought my own IT guy with me. #jetsetter #businessandpleasure #sandiego

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What’s Next

I’m at a conference in San Diego and then off to South Carolina.  I’ll make a quick pit stop home late in the week to do laundry and pack and then we are off for a week on NCL Sky where we will be checking out their brand-new Cuba itinerary as well as checking in on their established weekend Bahamas run.  Two back-to-back cruises on the Miami-based ship.  Tune in to check all of that out.  The next couple of weekly recap entries should be much more exciting!

Jim flew out with me to San Diego to enjoy my pre-conference weekend (and help me get set up).  He heads back to Dallas today to work and keep things running at the homestead.

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