Three Secret Travel Toiletries I Can’t Live Without

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I am giving away all my secrets lately.  First I confessed that I travel with my secret weapons for good hair.   Now I’m admitting to three secret travel toiletries that I cannot live without.

I hunt these babies down.  Sometimes buy them in bulk.  I simply cannot run out.  Ever.

They are not the things you’d usually think of with women’s toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, makeup, lotion.  Having these three things in my bag makes my life better every time I leave on a trip.

For Skin Like Cleopatra:

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

This stuff is incredible.  It works for so many purposes.  I use it for everything from dealing with really dry skin from transoceanic flights to sunburns.  I’ve tamed flyaway hairs with a bit of it on a baby brush.  I’ve used it as a cuticle cream.  And it has worked true magic on the scar from my melanoma removal earlier this year.  It is less expensive to buy it in the larger jar like I keep at home.  But I keep a small jar in my travel bag too because I cannot go without.

travel toiletries egyptian magic

For Never Letting Them See You Sweat:

Nivea for Women Deodorant Roll On

Readers outside of the United States will find this one puzzling. But I hunt and hoard Nivea glass bottle deodorant when I travel abroad.  I discovered about 12 years ago that Nivea works better for me than anything I can buy here.  Or at least without a prescription.  And we don’t make the glass bottle kind anymore either which just seems to go on better.  I get funny looks when I buy several bottles in the airport pharmacy before my flight home.  But I don’t really care.  I am not even that picky about the Nivea type (although the one pictured below is a favorite).

travel toiletries nivea deodorant

For Blotting Out Even the Stickiest Stuff:

BOSCIA Black Charcoal Blotting Linens

These babies are great on a long travel day. They soak up all the grime of the day that makes my face feel dirty and shiny. Rather than adding another layer of powder or makeup, these make me feel nice and fresh. Or use them on a hot day to help with the sweat that forms on my neck/décolletage. They also can work wonders around the ponytail line when I don’t have time to wash my hair.

travel toiletries boscia blotting

Do you have any surprising travel toiletries that you can’t leave home without?  I’d love to hear your secret must haves!

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