Morrissey, Mistakes, Snakes… The Weekly Recap

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On this round of the weekly recap we cover Morrissey, mistakes, snakes and more.  That is just where the fun begins.  Hang on to your seats because we are going to drag you through this Monday review.

We have been a featured blog on for the past few days.  It has been fun to share our writing with a slightly different audience than our normal target.  The BoardingArea demographic tends to skew a bit younger than us.  It isn’t a travel pattern we are unfamiliar with though – I too often catch myself now saying “in my younger travel days”.  Yikes!

I think our age officially caught up to us on Saturday night at the Morrissey concert (more on that later).  We were chatting with others around us and keep hearing variations of the same theme echoed around us – “we are all old – but we are still cool”.  I am pretty sure the average age was somewhere in the 40s.  The black hair dye popular among many fans was less a product of rebellion and more a necessity for maximum grey coverage.  I’m certain the boots many of us were sporting were less about possible mosh pit action later in the evening and more about the reality of two hours on our feet.

I realize age is relative but I remember how old I used to think the people who went to Woodstock were when I was younger.  Now the fact that I was there for the original Lollapalooza in 1991 makes me one of those old people.  Ouch.

The Post Recap

I digress.  This is what happens as we age.  We forget.  In case you do too, here is what we’ve covered over the past week on Jetsetter’s Homestead:

It is time for one – or both – of us to get back on the road.  I came off several months of far-flung projects (the kind that require regional jet travel).  As such, I have welcomed a few weeks at home.  Likewise Jim had a long-term interim assignment in the Caribbean so was gone most of 2016.  We have relished extended time in Fort Worth to catch up with friends and family, spent time in the kitchen and with each other, and tackle big projects.  But the travel bug is starting to itch again.  We are both hoping this week to have a better idea of what the rest of 2017 will look like for travel.


We want to get back on the road because Instagram is automatically more exciting that way.  We like sharing a few of our favorite shots of the week here in the weekly recap.

I tried to show some self-restraint with the Morrissey posts on Saturday night.  But I would be lying if I didn’t say we were both excited.  We have both been fans – first of The Smiths and then Morrissey – since high school in the (*cough*) late ’80s.  If you know anything about Morrissey, you know he hasn’t been reliable in keeping tour dates the past few years.  We talked to fans who had flown cross-country to try to catch him.  I’m normally one who will fly to another continent to catch a show but he’s just too risky for that.  So we were cautiously optimistic up to the moment he took the stage on Saturday night.  It was well worth the wait.

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