Weekly Update: Avoiding Disruption, the TSA, and General Automation

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Welcome to the weekly update for the Jetsetter’s Homestead.  Another week has flown by here in Fort Worth without any actual flying.  Being home is nice but after being grounded we are both past due to get back on the road.  I’ll be off to the west coast on Wednesday and hopefully Jim will soon be on a new project too.

It was a good week to be home since we were blessed with gorgeous weather in Texas.  Spring is definitely here – allergies and all.  The front and back porches are almost ready for summer entertaining and the landscaper got all of the spring plants in.  The first big storm of the spring season also hit DFW last night – the hailstorms missed us but I have many friends to the north who will be getting new roofs.  Meanwhile, the roofers are supposed to be starting this week on my roof replacement from last year’s billion dollar March hail storms – yes, it has taken that long for them to get around to mine since I didn’t have any leaks or displacement.

We also did some spring cleaning over the weekend including moving most of our collective luggage stash out to the garage.  I didn’t realize how much closet space empty suitcases were taking up.  Now only the carry-on bags are stored in the house.  (Would you believe that between us we own 12 suitcases… and yes, most of those are mine!)  Clearing a bit of space in the house has helped me as I continue my 2017 quest for less – as we are almost 1/4 of the way through the year, I’ve made major progress on my goals to rid myself of a lot of excess but still have a long way to go on reducing my footprint.

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We covered several interesting topics on Jetsetter’s Homestead to recap on the weekly update:

Round  Up

We share a mash-up of interesting travel and pop culture stories in the Round Up, our regular feature where we share all the interesting things we find on the internet.  We had three installments this past week to share on the weekly update, all from Jennifer.  We *might* have a future in fortune telling given that we were all over the topic of leggings three days before United Airlines was.  (Then again, if we had such powers we’d certainly have won the lottery by now!)


And finally, we love to occasionally share a few photos on Instagram on the weekly update.

Tacos on the patio in a windy night in the Fort. #homestead #spring #thursdayevening

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