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Sunday Routines and How They Anchor Us

A plate of breakfast food is on a table. The plate contains a sausage and several pieces of waffle with butter on top. A fork is placed on the plate. Next to the plate is a decorative cup filled with coffee or tea. In the background, there is a vase with white and pink flowers. The setting appears to be a cozy indoor environment with a couch and pillows visible.
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Sunday routines tend to creep up on us.  They develop innocently enough as we start our adult years but slowly they set in to ingrained grooves.

In our early 20s, they may take the form of “Sunday Funday” where brunch is a competitive sport and the Sunday scaries set in like a dread disease as our weekend buzz wears off.

As life’s responsibilities accumulate, Sunday routines start to take a different shape.  They may involve worship, personal fitness, self-improvement, or enrichment.  Sometimes they can include hobbies, time with friends and family, or activities one does not otherwise have time for during the week.

Around the homestead, we have a couple of variations on our Sunday routines.  When we are on the road, our preference is to fly home on Monday morning.  We can enjoy a leisurely Sunday in our destination.  That allows us to stay as close to our home routine as possible.  Jim and I both had almost identical Sunday routines when we were single!

Some mornings we’ll get up early and go to church and then brunch afterwards.  But when we don’t, those are great mornings to watch the weekly news shows and cook a leisurely breakfast.  It also allows for time to catch up on proper journalism while listening to good music.  This is where we might fight for control of Pandora!

A nice afternoon is a great opportunity to catch up on projects.  We can read or write, catch an art exhibition, or enjoy drinks with friends on a sunny patio.  A bit of built in leisure is good before getting back to the grind of a busy travel and work week.

Sunday evenings are usually reserved for getting ready for the work week.  If we are on the road, we might spend the evening getting mentally prepared to fly to our next destination.  If we are at home, we might be folding and putting away laundry while catching up on shows recorded on the DVR.

Our Sunday routines include lazy breakfast in front of the weekly news shows, good music, and quality reading.
Our Sunday routines include lazy breakfast in front of the weekly news shows, good music, and quality reading.

I enjoyed reading this Apartment Therapy piece about what other couple’s Sunday routines typically look like.

Our “Must Haves”

My top five “must haves” for a great Sunday include the following:

  1. A good playlist (Morrissey, Pink Floyd, a bit of 80s new wave)
  2. Brunch cocktails
  3. The New York Times
  4. Sunglasses and flip flops
  5. No agenda for the entire day

Jim’s top five “must haves” for a great Sunday include:

  1. Jazz (Coltrane, Miles Davis)
  2. A big breakfast
  3. Sitting outside drinking coffee in nice weather
  4. Reading for pleasure
  5. No alarm clock

We’d love to know what YOUR Sunday routines are?  Share your top five in the comments below.

One Comment

  1. My typical Sunday (every other week)
    Drive spouse to airport at o’dark 30
    Go home walk dog (podcasts are key here)
    Hit gym after dog walk (catch up on one show)
    Visit parents – quick touch and go
    Cook lunches for week, make banana bread, throw laundry in wash
    Walk dog (if weather and dog cooperate) – sometimes with friend
    Garden between showers
    Walk or amuse dog – nap if possible
    Dry clothes, deal with paperwork (shred, file, bills)
    Make dog’s dinner and mine too
    Walk dog
    Get ready for work – pack snacks, check’to do list, pack up work laptop, etc
    Take dog out

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