Weekly Update: Uber, Unhealthy Travel, and Unplugging

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Welcome to the weekly update for the Jetsetter’s Homestead where we recap our posts from the past week.

It has been a busy week around here, not only with our writings but also with homestead activities.  We both had a respite from travel this week that created a nice window for spring cleaning, especially due to a stretch of sunny weather in Fort Worth.  That flurry of activity included getting both the front and back patios cleaned and prepped for spring and summer entertaining.  We also planted herbs, peppers, and tomatoes.  The kitchen stayed busy too – Jim made Kobe corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, I made pie for Pi Day, and we took a Thai cooking class at Sur La Table.

We’ll review the Sur La Table cooking class in a future post, but I’m already thinking that one of those might make for a great Mother’s Day gift.  Hmmmm….

Our Posts

Here’s the weekly review of articles that appeared on Jetsetter’s Homestead.

We started last Monday with more of my Uber experiences.  True story… the most popular article EVER on this website is one about Uber that I wrote back in 2014 that still comes up in Google searches.  We are forever grateful for all the readers we have gained thanks to Uber and always like to bring you the latest Uber news even when its not positive (like the Uber corporate update Jim shared today).

On Tuesday, I shared my current “travel uniform”. As crazy as it sounds, having a regular go-to travel day outfit makes packing and getting out of the house (or hotel) so much easier.  I also picked up another pair of these NYDJ Alina legging jeans this week.  So comfortable.

Travel is not healthy.  That’s the message Jim shared on Wednesday and it’s true.  Do you agree?

On Thursday, I reviewed the latest PopSugar MustHave Box.  Hello Churro SmashMallows!  We also gave away a $25 gift card from the box.  Michelle Cupp… you are our prize winner!!!

Friday was about travel, unplugged and unscheduled.  Jim shared how a recent trip to London helped us both recharge our batteries by getting off the normal travel treadmill.

On Saturday, I talked about how I’ve overcome my baggage worries with tight connections or other problem situations.  I am actually more comfortable spending decent money on larger luggage now (versus just going to my local discounter and buying the least expensive bag that I think the airline won’t quickly rip to shreds will hold up for a few flights).

The Round Up

Have you read our Round Up series of posts?  We both do a lot of daily reading across a variety of mediums.  Now we are taking turns posting a compendium of our favorite finds.  Here’s a recap for this weekly review:

Saturday, March 11 (from Jim)

Monday, March 13 (from Jennifer)

Tuesday, March 14 (from Jim)

Thursday, March 16 (from Jennifer)

Sunday, March 19 (from Jim)


We always like to leave you with a few snaps from our Instagram feed on the weekly review.  On a no-travel week, our photos tend to be very food-centric so I’ll only share a couple here just in case you are hungry.  You can follow us to see more!  If you want recipes, please beg Jim to share.

Happy Pi Day! We are celebrating with a homemade apple cinnamon tart. #homestead #foodporn #piday #314day

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It’s a ceviche and Netflix and laundry kind of night. #homestead #weekend #spring #foodporn #adulting

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