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Round Up: French Table Etiquette, Heroin Overdose Inflight, Longest Flight Routes

round up

Welcome to the Round Up – our recurring compilation of the interesting, intriguing, and just plain weird things we find on the internet. French Table Etiquette – If you want to look like a local, it helps to dine like a local.  What you learned at home might not be “proper” in Paris!  My friend Meg Zimbeck (editor…

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Leggings, Jeggings, Tights – What Can You Wear to Fly?

With all of the hubbub over leggings and United Airlines yesterday, many have been left scratching their heads wondering “what can you wear to fly?” The answer is still simple “almost anything you want – within the bounds of decency”.  That’s not to say that is what you SHOULD wear.  I know that when the…

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Volcano Threatens Air Travel in Europe

Mediterranean cruisers may be getting a bonus views with their summer cruise – scenic volcanic activity.  That same volcano threatens air travel in Europe. Mount Etna is continuing to let off steam and has already caused some air travel delays for nearby air traffic. Volcanic activity poses an uncontrollable threat for air travel.  During the 2010 volcanic eruptions…

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