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Have You Suffered From Paris Syndrome?

Paris syndrome can result.

Add Paris syndrome to the list of strange maladies I hope to never be diagnosed with. I stumbled upon this previously unknown to me disorder while going down another one of my random research rabbit holes.  This happens often.  I intend to Google one thing.  Hours later I find myself dazed, hungry, and reading about an obscure topic I had no…

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Brooklyn Meets Paris at New Festival

Bearded hipsters meet fashion’s finest at a strange new food and culture festival in Paris. Paris by Mouth reports that a new special festival at high-end department store Le Bon Marché is celebrating all of the “best” of the New York borough as curated by their merchandisers in a bizarre Brooklyn meets Paris styling. While…

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Hot Men on the Paris Metro

Mecs Métro Paris focuses on photos of hot men on the Paris Metro.

File under Hot Bomb… …a friend shared this Instagram feed that focuses solely on snapshots of men on the Paris Metro. But not just any men.  Hot men. Mecs Métro Paris has over 100,000 followers on Instagram who check in to see which cute Parisian (or visitor) will appear next. I’m usually too busy trying…

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