About Samantha Smith

Samantha is a geologist/GIS analyst working for an oil and gas company in Fort Worth. She maximizes her vacation days by traveling over holidays and finding spontaneous weekend getaways that are as adventurous as they are random. Although not privy to many travel statuses, she utilizes her credit card privileges, points, and scours the internet for the best deals and upgrade opportunities. In her free time she does CrossFit, trains for marathons, cheers on her Horned Frogs, and fiddles with too many DIY projects at her new condo.

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Le Tote Fashion Rental Service – Let “le” Addiction to Renting Clothing Begin

Renting Clothing Le Tote Clothing Rental Service

Le Tote is a fashion rental service delivering on-trend clothing and accessories to your doorstep. Renting clothing is cool according to our contributor Samantha Smith. She explains why she does it and how it all works with Le Tote.

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WOW Air Review: Iceland To and Fro


Last fall I headed to Iceland with G Adventures. When booking flights to meet my group in Reykjavik, I came across a number of options. There were your usual suspects (Icelandair, British Airways, Delta, etc.) on Kayak. And then there was WOW Air. WOW Air was significantly less expensive. I sensed it might be a “Spirit Situation” so I conducted my research…

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