Demolition and Rebirth

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We’ve been quiet lately – around the blog at least.  But things move quickly and a lot has been going on.  Beyond work and business travel, the primary thing occupying our time lately has been demolition.

Yes, you heard me right – demolition!

We’ve got two major projects in the works that require a bit of demolition and then the rebirth that follows.

The first is this blog.

After a hiatus to work on a rebrand initiative, we decided it was time to change directions.

Our rebrand (or rebirth as we’ve been thinking about it) as “From Home and Back” will better follow the traction of where we are in our current travel and lifestyle balance.  We recognize that for many frequent travelers, us included, there comes an evolution where travel takes the occasional backseat to home, family, and career.  We want to capture what happens in that gap and how to keep the travel fire fueled (and funded) when that happens.  Our anticipated mix will be a little bit travel, a little bit home, and a whole lot of lifestyle in between.

Second up, our literal demolition project.

For those who are HGTV junkies like we are, demolition is typically a good thing.  It means new and better things are on the way.  And the rebirth of a home can be a very cool thing.  We just started demolition for the first phase of a what will result in a total redesign of our physical home.

We anticipate bringing some of the highlights (particularly how we earned points and miles along the way) to you here.  If you want to follow in more detail, jump over to Instagram and follow @FromHomeAndBack – we’ll be updating our Instagram Stories feed daily as well as continuing to share home and lifestyle highlights on our main feed.

It’s Demo Day!!! Follow our progress on Instagram Stories. @FromHomeAndBack

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If you’ve been a long time reader, we look forward to continuing to share our journey with you.  And if you are new to our feed, welcome to our home.  Pull up a chair and get comfortable.



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