Frontier Corporate Communications Head Insults Local Reporter

Frontier Airline insults reporter
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Frontier Airlines is engaged in a war of the words with a local reporter in Denver.  The airline’s head of corporate communications, Jim Faulkner, fired off an angry letter to Denver television reporter Kyle Clark lobbing multiple personal insults.

How Frontier Airlines Tangled With Kyle Clark

Clark aired a story about a Denver press conference Frontier Airlines held recently to announce new flight routes which agitated Faulkner.  Two flight attendants silently stood behind corporate executives holding a Frontier Airlines banner throughout the press conference.  Clark pointed out general customer frustration with the airline and commented on the perceived plight of the (seemingly) beleaguered flight attendants.

Faulkner’s response was less than professional.  As Clark points out, it also is potentially reflective of how corporate communications may look inside the airline.

Faulkner’s letter is below.  In it, he calls Clark a jerk and a hypocrite.  Faulkner also criticized his journalistic skills and poked fun at his physical stature.

Alt text: 

An email from Jim Faulkner, Head of Corporate Communications at Frontier, addressed to someone named Kyle. The email criticizes Kyle for making fun of Frontier's employees and includes a personal attack on Kyle's appearance and character. The email mentions Kyle's bio from the Channel 9 website and accuses him of being hypocritical and rude. There is a professional headshot of a man in a suit and tie included in the email. The email ends with Jim Faulkner's contact information and the Frontier logo.

Frontier Airlines Responds to the Kyle Clark Incident

The Vice President of Marketing at Frontier Airlines issued this apology to Clark:

“Mr. Faulkner’s inappropriate comments regarding Mr. Clark do not reflect the views of Frontier Airlines. It was a misplaced way of defending comments made about our employees on Mr. Clark’s show last night.”

Catch the full story via the reporter, Kyle Clark.

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