You Signed Up for Amazon Prime – Now What?

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So you signed up for Amazon Prime yesterday… now what happens?

signed up for amazon prime surprise sweets

The amazing Amazon Prime Day deals were too good to pass up.  We know… way too good to miss!  You signed up for Amazon Prime to take advantage of them.  But what can you do with that membership after Amazon Prime Day has ended?

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Get free access to The Washington Post.  Thanks to their ownership relationship, Amazon and The Washington Post are linked.  Lately I’ve seen lots of great article links in my social media feeds from The Washington Post.  But because I didn’t have a subscription, I couldn’t read them.  One of the Amazon Prime Day specials was $3.99/month access to the National Edition with six months free.  As of this morning, this deal was still active.  Sign up now!
  • Enjoy Music Unlimited.  Access to Amazon’s Music Unlimited subscription is only $7.99/month for Prime subscribers.  Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
  • Free Same Day and One Day Delivery.  If you live somewhere with an Amazon fulfillment center nearby, you can receive free same day delivery on a large selection of items.  Place your order by noon and receive your order by 9 pm.  If you aren’t in one of the 5,000 cities/towns with this access, you can qualify for next day delivery instead.  Check out Amazon’s shipping options
  • Use Prime Now.  Select areas have two-hour delivery on groceries, daily essentials, and gift items.  We use Prime Now regularly for groceries, household goods, and office supplies.  There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I can replace the printer toner without having to leave the house.  Or that my ingredients for dinner can arrive while I’m on a conference call.  I’ve been more productive than ever!  See if you can use Amazon Prime Now
  • Get Prime Surprise Sweets.  We love our snacks around here.  And while Naturebox is a great go-to for our regular stash, Prime Surprise Sweets seems like it would be great for an emergency fix.  Have an office birthday to celebrate?  Special get together with friends?  Just get the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button and for $18, satisfy your sweet tooth!  Prime Surprise Sweets is available by exclusive invitation via a special Amazon Dash Button
  • Watch Prime Video.  We love watching movies and television shows on Amazon Prime Video.  It is a great supplement to our Netflix and Hulu subscriptions to ensure we can find almost everything on demand.  Check out Amazon Prime Video
  • Store Your Pictures with Prime Photos.  Store, tag, and organize your thousands of photos with Prime Photos.  You can also order prints, cards, wall art, and gifts.  All are very reasonably priced!  Try Prime Photos from Amazon
  • Use Prime Pantry.  I’ve become a big fan of Prime Pantry for all of our shelf-stable and household items.  Fill a “Pantry Box” and get free shipping by choosing from a list of select manufacturers.  Coupons are available directly on the site and the space descriptions (i.e. “takes 2.4% of box) will help you fill your box to the brim.  We use this for toilet paper and other bulky items so we never have to haul them around again.  Check out Prime Pantry.

There are dozens more benefits to your Prime membership.  So if you signed up for Amazon Prime then get ready to take advantage of all the great benefits.  Did you miss signing up for Prime?  You can still take advantage of an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

What is your favorite Amazon Prime benefit?  (I’m hoping to try Prime Surprise Sweets myself!)  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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