ATC Privatization Shouldn’t Be A Political Decision

American Airlines requesting support for ATC upgrades
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Last week, Trump proposed fast-tracking the NextGen air traffic control system (or ATC abbreviated) for managing commercial flights over US airspace. Some airlines have taken to goading their members to support the bill.

However, you should make your own decision and it should be an apolitical one.

Advocates of the privatization measure say moving air traffic control into a non-government entity would provide better service. In addition, it would be more efficient largely due to circumventing the government’s bloated procurement processes. Many airlines are for the measure.

But not all airlines are for it and opponents argue the system is too complex to realize the cost savings. Instead, it would increase travel costs and could decrease flight safety. They also suggest that commercial airlines could exert undue influence on private jet and small-carrier traffic.

We can all agree that tarmac delays aren’t fun. Our contributing writer Samantha reported that just yesterday, her Newark to Dallas flight sat on the tarmac waiting for over an hour. The reason? ATC delays due to President Trump himself and Air Force One movement. Perhaps #MakeAmericanLateAgain was the end goal. Or maybe the system which is already deeply strained in the NYC/PHL corridor simply cannot handle anything but perfect conditions.

A Call For Action

American Airlines sent this email to it’s Executive Platinum flyers recently.

American Airlines requesting support for ATC upgrades
American Airlines’ email requesting support for ATC upgrades

What do you think? Is privatization the answer?

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