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The start of summer travel season means beginning vacation plans in the northern hemisphere.  For millions, that means preparing to cruise on one of the hundreds of voyages that will depart over the coming months.

May is the seasonal start for destinations such as Alaska and the Baltics.  As well, the start of summer vacations marks the rise of peak season for the Mediterranean. Other year-round ports such as the Caribbean experience a boost during school holidays as well.

We are no exception around the homestead.  Although we just returned from the Bahamas and Cuba, I am preparing to cruise again next week.  This I’ll be onboard Seabourn Sojourn.  The ultra-luxury line will be returning to Alaska for the first time in 15 years.

Resources for Preparing to Cruise

For those who may be preparing to cruise this summer, we have rounded up some of our best resources.  These links will help anyone preparing to cruise or just looking for more specialized information:

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Seven Reasons to Take a Short Cruise

Five things I love about small ship cruising

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Packing Lists

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A recovery plan for marathon travel

Past Trip Reports

We’ll be recapping the full adventure for not only this 2017 Seabourn Alaska inaugural but also for the NCL Cuba/Bahamas cruise we just took.  While you wait, here are links to some of our past cruise trip reports:

NCL Spirit Grand Mediterranean Adventure 2015

Seabourn Odyssey to Indonesia 2014

Golden Princess 2014

Ongoing Trip Reports

NCL Sky makes her maiden call on the port of Havana, Cuba (photo credit: NCL)

I will be trying to stay on top of some of the Alaska trip in real-time.  Meanwhile, Jim will be at home since he just started a new gig earlier this month.  He will be working on recapping some of the Cuba/Bahamas cruise while I’m out.  You can expect to see posts for both coming at the same time.  We will start organizing both of those onto new pages as well.  Please follow our progress!

NCL Sky Havana Nights Cuba Bahamas 2017

Seabourn Ultimate Alaskan Sojourn 2017

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