Watch Your Hyatt Globalist Suite Upgrades For Errors

hyatt globalist suite upgrades
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It is not a secret that I am less than enthralled with the new World of Hyatt program.  I totally understand (and even support) the change even though I think the marketing campaign is pretty lame.  But I did NOT expect that I would have to watch my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades like a hawk within the new program.

I guess I was wrong.

What are Hyatt Globalist Suite Upgrades?

Implementation of any new program always brings challenges.  One of the Globalist member benefits in the new World of Hyatt program is the issuance of four annual suite upgrades.  These function much like the Diamond suite upgrade benefit in the previous Gold Passport program.  They allow a member to call and upgrade an existing reservation to an available suite.  They can be confirmed at the time a reservation is made.  The upgrades are available for stays booked on eligible rates but are also available on award stays (which was not possible in previous years on the Gold Passport program).  The specific language can also be found on the World of Hyatt page.  Members earn:

4 suite upgrade awards to use at the time of reservation at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts (valid for one year from issuance when paying an eligible rate or when redeeming points for a free night award)  Lifetime Globalists automatically receive this benefit once per calendar year in March without the need to satisfy the qualifying night or Base Point earning requirements. Lifetime Globalist may earn four additional Suite Upgrade awards each calendar year by satisfying the qualifying night or Base Point earning requirements described here.

In addition, another benefit of Globalist is the ability to be upgraded at check-in based on availability:

Enjoy an upgraded room based on availability at check-in, up to standard suites

What Has My Experience Been So Far?

So far, my upgrade success at Hyatt properties as a Globalist has been outstanding.  Since the program converted to World of Hyatt on March 1, I have had four stays in full service Hyatt properties.  I have been upgraded to very nice suites at all four of those properties.  VERY nice suites.

I have only utilized one of my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades to obtain one of those suite upgrades.  Or so I thought.

I was prompted to check my balance after seeing a social media post from another member.  He mention that he had Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades deducted for suite upgrades that he assumed were availability based.  The property upgraded him in advance of arrival and he accepted the upgrade, assuming they were complimentary upgrades per the normal Globalist benefits.  He was shocked to later check his balance and realized that the Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades had been deducted.

I immediately rushed to check my balance.  And realized that I too was missing Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades.

I had only called in to use one for the Manchester Grand Hyatt.  I had emailed my  Hyatt Concierge to confirm my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrade on January 25.  It was confirmed and booked.  On March 2, I received a second confirmation.  I assumed that was prompted by the switch from Gold Passport to World of Hyatt.

We checked in on April 29 and were assigned the suite – a one bedroom with living room – but given two keys.  The room had two room numbers, one for the bedroom and one for the living room.  Throughout the four nights, we ran into problems with the dual room numbers.  When I checked out, I had two folios.  Those included some duplicate charges that had to be reconciled (such as internet and bottled water that should have been complimentary).  I did not immediately consider how it would affect my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades.

Hyatt Globalist Suite Upgrades Wrongly Deducted

I didn’t check on the incorrect deductions until I saw the social media posting I mentioned above.  I was certain that issue was a fluke.  But given the wonderful upgrades I’ve had lately, I wanted to be certain I wasn’t giving up my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades accidentally.

I was surprised to discover that I was missing two, not just the one I knew about.  I was even more shocked to realize they had both been deducted on the same date.  And that both were from the same Manchester Grand Hyatt.  It turns out the hotel had deducted two – one for each room number.  I emailed my Hyatt Concierge for an explanation.

What I received back as a reply was not ideal:

Since the awards have already been redeemed we are unable to return one to your account, however to make up for the error next time you make a reservation onto which you would like to apply a suite upgrade please let me know and I will work with the hotel to try and upgrade you to suite without using a Tier Suite Upgrade Award!

So my account remains short one of my Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades.  And I am left with the mere promise of trying to help me secure an advance upgrade in the future!  I’m exercising that immediately with the hope that my stay at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver next week will go off without a hitch.

I’m told by a colleague that my inability to have my upgrade redeposited is, in fact, an inconsistency as well.  He reported a similar incident with two upgrades being taken for a stay recently.  He was successful in having one of his Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades replaced in his account.

While three isolated data points does not point to a widespread trend, it is enough to warrant a quick account check. I’d caution others to keep an eye on their own Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades.

I am interested in collecting other data points if others have had Hyatt Globalist suite upgrades removed in error.  (I am interested in data points since March 1, 2017 when the new World of Hyatt program took effect.)  If you have had erroneous deductions, please share them in the comments below.


  1. My plan is to basically make bookings where I know I can use my TSU. So once I used up all four of them there is no way another hotel can take them. I might end up cancelling some of those reservations so the TSU should come back right?

  2. “Work with the hotel to upgrade you without a suite upgrade” is something the concierge can do ANYWAY if circumstances warrant.

    Even if they cannot redeposit YOUR confirmed suite upgrade, they can add a NEW confirmed suite upgrade (which will expire in 12 months rather than February 2018).

    1. I checked in a second time on this yesterday and was AGAIN told that this was not possible. I counted that others had different experiences and was told that those likely had other circumstances and, no matter what, would have been earlier than the current system. 🙁

  3. Giving up on Hyatt. No upgrades to available suites last few stays and I could book the suite for half the price (really 50 % less) through a “member” site.

    Why bother with badgering check-in people?
    The points are not worth it.
    Besides, giving away Globalist status to so many new members for 20 nights is a train wreck.

    I’ll take the 50% off price when I can get it and book a club level room and skip the points.
    So long Hyatt.
    First it was AA, now Hyatt. I’ve given Hyatt $10k + this year. They’ll get my bookings through a club membership and they’ll like it or I’ll go elsewhere.
    I can buy or transfer points for nice properties.
    Besides, I don’t want to be on Steve Bannon’s shit list , being known as a “globalist”

    Hyatt: Keep attracting business customers who can bill their companies and ignore the high-paying customers who will pay for first class travel . Do they think I don’t know their strategy?

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