Our Travel Clean Up and Weekly Recap

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Another week down here at the homestead.  Spring has kicked in (and so have our allergies).  The weekly recap brings with it slightly cooler temperatures.  Sadly, those won’t last long.  Soon the Texas heat will be stifling so we will not complain!

Summer brings with it all kinds of experiments… planting things in the garden, for example.  This year, the hydrangeas are doing great for me.  (My friends are not reporting good results and last year they were not good here.)  My sweet potato vine, on the other hand, looks dull.  Normally it does well.  Jim has been minding the herbs and so most look fine.  The Roma tomatoes have their first buds.  The peppers even look like they are coming up.

Spring has been time for a lot of freshening up as well.  We have been on a major closet cleaning spree.  It feels good to occasionally go through and get rid of things that don’t fit – either literally or figuratively.  (Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I made some purchases… as if I was EVER going to wear brightly colored paisley pants?!)  It also is just easier to pack when you are dealing with fewer options.

Part of the refresh is also getting rid of older household items.  I finally let go of the every day casual dishes I have had since I graduated from college in 1994.  I posted them on the Nextdoor app in my neighborhood for $10 and a lady two blocks away was excited to come take them off my hands.  It turns out they were exactly what she had been looking for.  We’ve decided to mix some new things in (including putting one set of china into regular rotation) – life is too short to worry about breaking things.

One fun project has been to come up with a summer shower scent – just to keep everything clean and uniform with toiletries.  I like a nice earthy unisex scent (but particularly one that smells good for men.)  I think the finalists have been narrowed down with Molton Brown.  (Thank goodness for sample sizes!)  Here are the front runners:

I am leaning toward the peppercorn but it also makes me hungry!  I have also been using more herbal/aromatic bathroom and kitchen soaps lately too.  Here are some of my favorites that we have around the homestead.  (I’ve been inspired by some of the ones that Delta and American have been using in their lounges!)

Okay… I’m not sure what just inspired that little soap tangent, but I feel a lot cleaner now!  We’ll post a couple more of the household projects in the coming weeks.

On with the weekly recap we go….

The Posts

It was a busy week and we pretty much stuck to travel.  Our most popular topic was (no surprise) the American Airlines incident, mainly because we happened to be up late Friday night and got online a few hours earlier.

The Alaska Airlines post is worth checking out – you can still register until 4/30 if you don’t have an account yet.

Instagram Weekly Recap

We love Instagram and love sharing a few snaps on the weekly recap.  It is a great way to share some of our more immediate travel and life photos.  We have both been “grounded” this entire month so our photos lately have been local.  Jim got to go to the March for Science with some of our friends on Saturday while I was at an all-day board meeting.  I participated in executive coaching at the business school at one of our local universities.  Otherwise, we’ve largely been living our usual routine.  But we’ll be back to travel again this weekend and we also get a new house sitter in our rotation too!

It was fun to be back on the TWU campus this morning as an executive coach for Dr. Nichols’ leadership class. #homestead #texaswesleyan #txwes

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Science March

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Salt and pepper squid. ##homestead #dimsum #yumyumyum

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This week we’ll be writing about one of our favorite topics – Uber!  And we definitely have more travel topics to catch up on, so tune in.  We are headed to San Diego on Saturday… if you have suggestions, send them our way.  We may feature some of your suggestions in a future post or weekly recap.

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