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Several things have changed a bit around here in recent weeks, as I mentioned earlier this week.  As part of my commitment to keep more fresh content on the blog, its time for Jim to start taking a voice here at Jetsetter’s Homestead.

Jim Ogden covering the New York Times Travel Show in January 2017.
Jim Ogden covering the New York Times Travel Show in January 2017.

Jim Ogden is a natural fit for this website.  We share the same life goal of having a healthy mix between travel and other personal interests.  Like me, he’s spent two decades in consulting (his on the information technology side working with an international client base).   Jim has recently returned from an expat assignment in the Caribbean.  That extended international time adds a set of unique experiences to write about.  He primarily flies American Airlines, largely because he is based out of DFW and they are the hometown carrier.  Starwood has been his hotel program of choice although he is open to trying new brands.  Like me, he enjoys cruising as well as traditional land and air travel.

I am excited that we’ll have a masculine voice around here to offer a different perspective on the same topics.  We both love finding ways to marry our personal and professional travel.  The challenges of balancing work and home life are something we’ve both faced – individually and now together.  Also, a fun fact – we both wrote for the same high school newspaper, although not at the same time.

Writing about travel is nothing new for Jim either – he’s written for a number of US and international publications.  Most recently, he covered the New York Times Travel Show for an international daily publication.  He also publishes a blog about Texas cuisine.

We anticipate he’ll be writing about the things he enjoys or has experienced such as:

  • How to find the authentic soul of a place off the tourist paths through food and the people
  • Living life as an expat
  • Travelling as a foodie and eating authentically like a local
  • Exercising and eating healthy while travelling
  • Merging professional travel with personal
  • Experiencing culture shock, cultivating cultural awareness, and viewing American culture through the lens of the rest of the world
  • Appreciating the details and quirks of new places while stopping to smell the roses
  • Being flexible while travelling

Jim will make a great co-author and I cannot wait to see what he writes about first.

I leave you with a few joint authorship disclaimers and technical notes:

  • We have differing views on the use of Oxford commas and which style manual is best
  • I take no responsibility for corny  jokes or bad puns if not made by me
  • We will each write under our own author tag and our opinions are uniquely our own
  •  I will continue to be the voice for Jetsetter’s Homestead Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds

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