Instagram Sunsets and Other Random Snaps

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True confession – I love Instagram.  For me, it is a great easy way to share random snaps from what may be going on my life on any particular day.  I am particularly fond of airplane window seat views (particularly sunrises and sunsets, as well as takeoffs and landings), food porn, and an occasional selfie.  I also quite enjoy sharing some of the things I love about my hometown of Fort Worth Texas.  (Officially the home city of American Airlines, unofficially the nation’s largest small town.)

Wow… sometimes the drive home takes my breath away. #homestead #neighborhood #cowtown

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If you’ve stumbled upon my blog this week, chances are it is because I’m enjoying a “featured blogger” week on BoardingArea.  I’m excited about that because it gives me a chance to share my site with a wider audience.  During my evening posts, I’m going to try to take a little time so share a bit more about myself as well as some of the other channels where you may find me.

I’ve been writing for this particular iteration of my site for about 2.5 years but have taken a bit of a hiatus during a career transition.  During that time, I’ve been able to regroup and think about what I’d like to write about.  (Hint… its not mileage runs and credit cards.)  As I’ve been finding my voice, I’ve used Instagram as a way to share when I may not have time to write longer blog posts.

Sometimes I share a bit of what I’m doing at home (aka the “homestead” in Jetsetter’s Homestead) so you’ll usually see my posts either labeled as #jetsetter (for my travels and life on the road) or #homestead (for all things that take place when I’m in DFW).

I enjoy a bit of food porn, especially if I’m the one cooking.


I also don’t mind sharing some of my work (I find ways to work everywhere, it seems).


And sometimes I’m prone to taking selfies.

Thank you DryBar! Now it's home to pack for three days in Chicago. #jetsetter #earlybird #businesstravel

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If you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me. Even when I’m quiet around here, I’m usually up to something there. And they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words… so I’m downright verbose!

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Jennifer is a management consultant and avid volunteer. Her career and volunteer duty travels have helped her log top-tier airline and hotel status annually for the last nineteen years. In addition, she embraces the opportunity to maximize her vacation time by planning extracurricular trips that have taken her to over 60 countries and 48.5 US states. Once an "every week" road warrior, she now only travels around 100 days a year. She resides in her native Fort Worth, Texas where she enjoys cooking, gardening, sewing, needlepoint, wine, and playing with her Border Collie/Great Pyreness mix puppy Harley Quinn.

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