Hitting the Reset Button – the Weekly Update

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Its the body’s way of protecting vital organs in the event of trauma or other life-threatening events.  Blood flow is redirected to major organs to keep critical functions stable while diverting blood or neurological flow to lessor areas.  It’s not a healthy state but it is necessary to maintain function.

Sometimes when major life changes occur, we can go into a similar shock mode – keeping the vital functions running while ignoring the lesser issues.

I’ve been in the latter mode for months.  I’ve had some major life events – all of them positive – but major nonetheless.  And yet the effect of several of these can be the same as one negative one when it comes to the effects on personal health and stress.

It’s why I’ve been in coping mode lately.  Work has been the center of my universe (both ramping up at my new firm and winding down operations of the firm I was with for the least 16 years).  I’ve tried to balance it out with a healthy dose of self-care (yoga, massages, a couple of weekend trips) but I’ve also neglected a few other things (like dealing with stuff at home, writing for Jetsetter’s Homestead, or spending time on my volunteer pursuits).

This is just a part of life.  Routines change, things get rebalanced.

But sooner or later, the see-saw teeters in the opposite direction.  And its time to think about the balance.  That’s how it came to be that I started rethinking some of my content here on Jetsetter’s Homestead.

I realized I was holding myself to a standard of blogging that wasn’t authentic to who I am.  I’m not a points and miles blogger.  I’m not a credit card blogger.  I’m not a mileage run blogger.  And most important, I’m not a “career blogger” (i.e. making a living from this) and I don’t aspire to be.  But I found myself many days staring at the WordPress screen and not writing because I was trying to compare myself to others in the genre.  And the reality is that I’m not that person.

Above all else, I’m a business traveler and a busy gal who sometimes struggles to maintain healthy work/life and travel/life balance.  That’s what I know… and that’s the voice I need to embrace.


I’m excited that I’ll be the featured blogger on BoardingArea.com this coming week.  Its a great chance to hit the reset the button as it makes this a priority for me this week and hopefully will be a catalyst for getting my groove back.  And after that, I’m going to not worry about holding myself to any standard other than authenticity.

So where has my week been?  Where do I begin….

When we last left off, I was in Portland on one of those side trip weekends I am lucky enough to get for free.  I flew up a day early for a business trip and met up with a friend to attend the Oregon Brewers Festival.  I haven’t been to this event since 2002 when it was part of a crazy weekend with several fellow frequent travelers.  Its sometimes weird to go back and revisit somewhere you haven’t ventured in a while (in this case, the festival) and realize its nothing like what you remember it.

I was then lucky enough to come home for a stretch.  I am always thrilled when I get 7+ days in a row in town.  In this case, it won’t happen again for several weeks so I’m taking advantage of it.  On Wednesday, I got to shell out major cash for a new HVAC for my house (nothing like doing that on the hottest day of 2015!).  With all the focus on the home front, I’ve been spending my spare time doing some closet weeding and office cleanout.  I set a goal of having a full recycle and trash bin for my next pick up day.

As exciting as weekends in Las Vegas or Portland?  No.

Necessary?  Yes.

Three weeks I’ll be starting my summer vacation in Europe.  Thankfully my travel companion has done most of the travel planning (because I dislike doing it!) and my biggest things left to manage are getting all my projects in order at work and figuring out what to pack (17 days including 12 nights on a cruise ship means lots of costume changes) so that I’m ready to go.

I can get it done, right?!

But first, onward to another week of travel and life….


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