Treading Water – a Weekly Update

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Breathe.  That’s the advice I give myself every morning when I wake up.  It’s one thing I know I can do.

I’ve been lax in posting the past couple of weeks as I’ve made a major career shift and I’m anticipating a couple of months in the weeds as I wind down my old practice and fold it into the new one I’ve joined.  I’m also adapting to not only a new culture but a new travel pattern.  My office is located 45 miles northeast of where I live now, so I’m adjusting to anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours in my car on days I commute to the office.  My business travel will be the same however so once I return to that, I think I’ll be back to my version of normal.

Writing about “travel-life balance” is my niche and I’m sure I will have a lot of new material too.  I’ve already been making my list – how to be efficient during commuter time, even more home/kitchen balances tricks (after two weeks of eating cereal or baked chicken for dinner, I have to get back in my routine!), creating a functional home office (my craft room is now becoming half-office as I create a new work space), reenergizing a work wardrobe, and more – like reevaluating all my time commitments and schedule patterns.    And of course, my travel will continue as it was!  I won’t lack for material on either the travel OR travel-life balance front, I’m sure.

This week I bookmarked a half-dozen things I wanted to share, but only got around to posting one – a slightly older story about London residents labeling maps of the US (with hilarious results)!

But for now, it’s going to be a bit more of a juggling act as my number one priority is adjusting to the new firm and making sure the transition goes smoothly for my clients, projects, and team.  And as such, this is my interim commitment – I’ll be striving to post at least twice during the week during the transition PLUS my usual Sunday check-in with the weekly update.  I’m also going to use Twitter to try to stay in touch more frequently.  So if you care for smaller, more frequent updates, follow me there @jetsettershome

Now I’m off to go lay out my clothes for the week (thank goodness for all those work outfits I’ve pinned on my Pinterest boards over the years!) and eat my bowl of cereal (I know, I know!) and get ready for my 5:30 am wake up.  And I have one additional goal for the week – avoid bad Easter candy (so yes to good jellybeans and handcrafted chocolate cream eggs, a big NO to Peeps and the inferior Cadbury Eggs)!


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