Twelve Hours Late… Lyft DOES Come Through (Sort Of)

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This morning I reported my disappointment that Lyft did not respond by last night’s promised deadline.

But twelve hours later, they have.  The news, however, is mixed.

They have conceded that my background check DID pass… but my mentor drive did not.  I have to repeat it in full (including resubmission of photos, insurance, and license) and after that ride (and then another approval by them) I can have until Thursday to complete my ride.

As a business traveler, this puts me in a time crunch as I travel part of next week.  And I have a commitment tonight so I have to find a mentor this afternoon – and on the other side of the DFW Metroplex, to boot.  And then I have to hope that Lyft quickly approves that part of the process so that I can get my one ride in before I leave so that I’m not stretched for time to get it done by Thursday.

I want my referring driver to get his bonus so I’m putting my all into it… but I feel like Lyft is stalling at this point.  I did an inspection and a ride (on dangerous icy roads, no less) with my mentor so this requirement to repeat my ride seems to be thrown up as an obstacle a full week after the fact.

Here’s their latest email in full….

Your Application Extension

Thanks for applying to be a driver during our $1,000 bonus promotion. Because you passed your DMV and background checks by March 5, you’re eligible for a one-week extension to give your first ride. After reviewing your application, however, it looks like your Welcome Ride did not meet Lyft’s standards. This is an important step to ensure you pass our safety checks, including the 19-point vehicle inspection and practice ride.
Request a New Mentor ASAP
To be eligible for the promotion, you need to meet with a Mentor as soon as possible to take a qualifying Welcome Ride. You need to use the app to match with your Mentor, and then we need time to process the new photos. Here’s how to request a Welcome Ride:
  • Log in to the Lyft app on your phone.
  • Tap the steering wheel icon in the upper righthand corner.
  • Request a Mentor.
  • Come prepared with your driver’s license and insurance.
We’ve reached out to all active Mentors with a friendly reminder of the importance of conducting the full 19-point vehicle inspection, practice ride, and Q&A session. Read more on our Welcome Ride standards in the Help Center. After your qualifying Welcome Ride, we’ll finish the final steps of our safety review. You’ll receive an email when that’s done – and if you’re cleared, you’ll have until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 12, to complete your ride requirement. Once those steps are wrapped up, the $1,000 bonus is yours.


Do you think they are buying themselves time in the hopes many of us won’t jump through the hoops again?  I personally want to drive for Lyft so this isn’t just a money grab for me.  But whether or not I actually switch sides from Uber to Lyft will depend on how the next steps progress for me!

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  1. They just did the same thing to me. My mentor ride was flawless. They really are trying to get as much badwill as they can

  2. Ditto. I told my referrer that it just seems they’re looking for ways to get rid of people they’ve approved. So I guess that email from last week about my passed welcome ride was another mistake. There’s no way around the bad management issue.

  3. The run around they are putting us all through is beyond bad faith. I have to say I’m embarrassed for referring my friends and family to LYFT. The bad welcome ride excuse is the equivalent to my dog ate my homework. Lawyer up LYFT, you’re going to need it.

  4. Anyone else unable to toggle to driver mode? Trying to request another welcome ride and the app won’t allow me to. I’ve reinstalled the app and it makes no difference.

  5. Ditto here. In similar situation with business travel this week so doesn’t seem likely I can REDO my mentor ride (for no reason), especially since it ends at 5 p.m. and then expect them to approve it within 24 hours.

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